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First opened in 1999, Jacks has become an icon in Puerto Banús. Now, in its 18th year, it has been revamped with a new American Smokehouse concept and atmospheric New York loft décor to suit.

Jacks in the port has always been something of a pioneer; when it opened in 1999 it brought the American brasserie concept to Marbella, and did it with such success that the very name Jacks has become a part of Puerto Banús, its frontline restaurant overlooking the yachts a local landmark.

Its creators are now once more proving to be pioneers, as following a comprehensive refurbishment they relaunch as Jacks Smokehouse, remaining true to the American tradition but taking it in another, more contemporary direction.

“Jacks is a fantastic frontline portside venue that is worthy of being the very best kind of restaurant in its genre. So it’s our desire to ensure that it is always up-to-date in terms of the food, ambience, service and overall dining experience it offers,” says Lorenzo Otterburn, head chef of the Metro Group.

From brasserie to smokehouse

The idea of allowing Jacks to evolve from a brasserie to a smokehouse came about during a trip to Las Vegas, when Lorenzo was contracted to act as private chef to Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood.

“When I wasn’t cooking for Ronnie I used the opportunity to look around and became fascinated by the Rollin Smoke Barbeque Smokehouse, one of the most famous in the USA. They let me spend time with them in the kitchen and it became clear that this was the way forward for Jacks.”

And so the exciting smokehouse concept was brought to Marbella. Designed by architect and interior designer Fernando de la Fuente, the restaurant is transformed into a richly ambient venue reminiscent of a New York Greenwich village factory.

“The smokehouse offers an exciting new way of enjoying food, but in many ways it is a back-to-basics principle in which quality cuts of meat are prepared as they should be, slowly smoked over a fragrant wood-burned fire that locks in the taste and makes your dish, be it a pork rib, burger or steak, succulent and fall-off-the-bone tender.”

The food

The menu at Jacks Smokehouse is still mostly American inspired, but quite different to what you will find elsewhere…

Words Michel Cruz / Kevin Horn

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