Game of Thrones Season 7


For Game of Thrones (GoT) fans, news of the upcoming seventh season of the series conjures up mixed emotions.

On the one hand, this is the second-to-the-last of possibly the best, most intricate, well filmed series we have ever seen. On the other, GoT has been gathering momentum and reached what many would call a pinnacle of tension in Season Six, and we urgently need resolution of specific themes (including Jon Snow’s parentage, the much desired meeting of Jon and Daenerys, and the future of Cersei’s reign).

We need to know who (if anybody) will claim the throne, since the powerful army of White Walkers is determined to leave not one man, woman (or Cersei) standing.

The series’ producers have been characteristically hush-hush about the plot details, though we have gathered seeds of information thanks to the presence of actors in specific countries, as they film the Season’s seven episodes. The first episode of Season Seven will premiere simultaneously on July 18 at 9pm in the United States and at 2am in the UK (3am in Spain).

The season is starting a bit later this year than previously, because by the end of the season Winter will finally have come… the idea was to film scenes in the midst of “grim grey weather even in the sunniest places we shoot,” said David Benioff, co-producer and co-writer alongside D.B. Weiss.

The only information facilitated so far is a teaser, in which we hear Cersei say “Everyone who isn’t us is an enemy,” Daenerys utter, “I know what my father was and what he did. I know the mad king and his name,” and most importantly, Jon Snow warn, “The same thing (the White Walkers) is coming for all of us.

There is only one war that matters – The Great War – and it is here.” The season poster was also released – representing flames of fire making their way through ice – thus suggesting that Daenerys and Jon Snow are finally to meet…

Words Marisa Cutillas

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