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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook do their best to vye for the attention of teens, yet when it comes to video imagery, nothing quite beats YouTube, the channel which has made stars and millionaires out of ordinary kids and adults, who do little more than share their passion with the world.

Some of these YouTubers boast a net worth of over €10 million. Not bad for doing what you love, right? These are just a few of YouTube’s biggest stars:

PewDiePie  (Video Game Commentator) – Subscribers at date of print: Almost 55 million / Video views: Over 15 billion
When PewDiePie threatened to quit YouTube last year because he believed that Google’s video service had been penalising him (causing his popularity to ‘wane’), fans around the world began shaking in their boots. PewDiePie is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) gaming commentators, famed for his enthusiastic way of reviewing games and his ability to make or break newly released titles.

Thankfully, the vlogger didn’t bring his threat to fruition, perhaps because upon investigation, YouTube found that the slight waning in his numbers was due to normal rates of unsubscribing and/or the removal of spammed subscribers.

Whatever the reason, PiewDiePie is alive and kicking, with an upload rate of one video a day. In addition to critiquing and commenting while he plays new games, he includes funny videos such as Try Not to Get Angery, in which he comments on videos of extremely annoying individuals without losing his cool, or Try Not to Get Scared Challenge – in which he features some of the most hair-raising scenes from the games he reviews.

PewDiePie is super enthusiastic, and his passion for gaming shines through in each and every one of his videos. Who would have though this young Swede (whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg) would have become one of the world’s biggest online celebrities?

DanTDM (Minecraft Commentator) – Subscribers at date of print: 14.7 million / Video views: 9.7 billion
DanTDM is loved by adults and young kids alike, since he focuses all his efforts on playing and commenting on Minecraft. Dan gives kids invaluable hints on how to build exciting structures or defeat the baddies.

Like KSI, he has made it into the Guinness Book of World Records Gamer’s Edition, for owning the most views for a dedicated Minecraft video channel. Dan is known for uploading vids almost every day.

Even if you aren’t a Minecraft addict, you have to agree that Dan boasts intriguing titles you just have to learn more about. These include The Weirdest Minecraft Village, Buttface Quest and Meeting the Queen Minecraft Witch!

Zoella (Fashion and Beauty Vlogger) – Subscribers at date of print: 11.7 million / Video views: 953.5 million
I was already subscribed to Zoella’s channel when I discovered she was one of Internet’s biggest beauty and fashion bloggers.

Zoella is a young woman whose charisma and knowledge of all things to do with make-up, perfume and fashion, make her videos a true pleasure to watch. Particularly fascinating are her make-up videos, which give viewers the chance to recreate her entire look.

All products are indicated in the information section, and she often recommends affordable ‘dupes’ of high-end products. She also covers more personal events in her life, such as birthday celebrations, outings with her siblings and Christmas gift giving sessions with friends.

VSauce – Subscribers at date of print: 11.9 million / Video views: 1.2 billion

Yes indeed, a science/educational vlog is actually one of the most viewed in the world. This is the brainchild of host, Michael Stevens, who posts short videos for viewers of just about any age, asking fascinating questions such as Why Don’t We All Have Cancer?, Is All Fair in Love and War? and Is Earth Actually Flat?

Videos cover anything and everything to do with science, including physics, chemistry, psychology and mathematics. The videos are relatively short (around 12 minutes on average) so even young kids will have the patience to watch an entire vid.

Jelly – Subscribers at date of print: 6.1 million / Video views: 1.9 billion

Jelly is a hugely popular gamer who uploads at least two videos a day – mostly gaming videos but sometimes cool vlogs as well. He is particularly interesting to those living on the Coast because he often visits the area – thanks in no small part to his girlfriend, who has close ties to Marbella.

One of the most appealing features of his channel is that even if you have never played the games he mentions, it is still super enjoyable and the kid oozes charisma like you wouldn’t believe.

My favourite vids include Weirdest Games Ever Made (Jelly’s reactions are even funnier than the games he reviews), Cooking My Baby Alive (a humorous review of the game Who’s Your Daddy) and Reacting to My First Video (which shows how young Jelly actually was when he first started filming himself).

Words Marisa Cutillas


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