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With eight projects under its banner on the Costa del Sol, it is hard to imagine that RCS has only been active in the Marbella market since 2013. However, this is an experienced global player well versed in the art of property development. What’s more, they have hit the road running.

“Our experience and hands-on approach to investment and development enables us to spot potential that other companies often overlook,” says Peter Wells, Managing Partner of Real Capital Solutions Spain, the company he founded with Chairman Marcel Arsenault and fellow partner Taylor Cox.

“I travel the world and I am introduced to a great number of possible development sites, but when we came here in the midst of the real estate crisis we recognised that this was a market about to take off again.”

However, this was not obvious to many in the industry and RCS were pretty much pioneers when they launched their development company in Spain with projects such as Cosmo Beach, Mediterra and Valley Heights. These unfinished projects were artfully completed and thoroughly modernised by the RCS Spain team to suit a new generation of buyers.

Thus transformed, they proved to be a runaway success that sold out in a matter of months, generating sales in excess of €50 million – and so a new success formula was born in Marbella real estate.

New developments

“We began with re-launches of this kind but soon saw the market embracing new construction, due both to a growing shortage of unsold bank-owned inventory and the surging demand for newly built properties featuring the latest architectural styles and technological amenities.”

Flexible by nature, RCS Spain was once again among the first to react when it funded La Montesa de Marbella in Cabopino Golf. This project stands out for its appealing, imaginative design, which features elements of retro-futuristic Modernism…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography courtesy of RCS

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