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Born out of a pure passion for the sheer nobility and enjoyment of wine, D-Wine offers a new concept in which fine wines, good food and a refined ambience play a central role.

Step into D-Wine and you think you’ve been transported to Madrid, Barcelona or maybe London or Paris. Modern in a sophisticated way, it has that big city elegance and refinement that speaks of trendy, avant-garde pleasures of the kind not always seen here. ‘But why not, Marbella deserves a place such as this’ thought its creator, and driven by a true passion for the noble world of wine it is exactly what he went on to create.

Being rather new in concept, D-Wine defies very standardised descriptions such as wine shop, restaurant or bar. It is all these things at once, for at the heart of this exciting new establishment on the coastal road between San Pedro Alcántara and Puerto Banús is a magnificent wine emporium that goes far beyond the term wine shop. Here you will find 3,200 different vintages – mostly Spanish and all sourced on pure merit.

“For a sommelier, it doesn’t get much better than this,” states Kiko (Francisco Rios Oño), one of two highly trained and experienced professionals that have helped to create this amazing collection. “We stock bottles sourced at bodegas across the country and complimented by a small collection of top wines from France and Italy,” says Kiko, who insists the selection process took into account those wineries and vintages with an established pedigree as well as seeking out little-known ‘new talent’.

The fact that they have found a great many of these is a source of pride to him and his colleagues and, as a result, the collection of red and white wines, accompanied by many of the finest champagnes, brandies, whiskeys and dessert wines, encompasses a very broad offer of regions, grape types, taste ranges and even reputations.

“You will find famous, renowned names from the world of Spanish and international wine,” says Kiko, “but also little-known vintages from small boutique wineries or those that are still making a reputation for themselves.”
As a result, there is also a wine for most budgets. Though at first you might think that the wines available in such an elegant setting are for serious collectors only, you will be surprised to find that they range from €11 all the way beyond €4.000. “We do indeed offer very special wines to collectors, as well as advising on or sourcing entire collections if required,” says Kiko, “but you can also come in and pick some good quality bottles of wine for under €20 each.”

The same applies for the ability to enjoy your favourite tipple within the refined ambience of D-Wine, as it is possible to select and share a wine with friends at the lounge and bar area, or indeed ask one of the friendly staff to offer suggestions to accompany the tapas you’ve chosen or set you on the path of a new wine experience.

“We very much like to see ourselves as offering a voyage through the world of wine and fine dining. Many of our clients are already pretty knowledgeable, but one of the things they enjoy most is finding new wines and regions they hadn’t sampled yet. Given the breadth and constant evolution of this field it is a process that can keep you exploring new things for a very long time.”

D-Wine is therefore also a very social place with that touch of trendy big city atmosphere about it, opening at 10am every day for breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner. You can opt for a light snack and drink at the lounge/bar or enjoy a fine dining experience at the restaurant, and thanks to the open-flowing layout, these three areas are distinct yet communicate with one another. Both the bar and the restaurant extend to an open terrace area with a retractable roof that makes it possible to adapt to the weather conditions.

A popular feature with those who drop by to meet up with friends is the chance of sampling different wines of your choice. Just put some credit on a card and you can select the wine and amount by preference from one of the special dispenser machines, which have all the prices clearly marked. The optimal option, of course, is to combine those two great pleasures – wine and food – and experience the culinary offering at the fine dining restaurant. Here you will find such delicacies as wood-smoked Pulpo Iberico with cylinders of stuffed potato, a fresh Burrata cheese salad, Cabrito de Málaga served with sweet carrot sauce, goats cheese cubes and lamb jus, or a traditional sea bass in salt. What’s more, with the chef being Japanese, the lunchtime sushi menu is a real treat.

You can either create your own sampling or ask the sommeliers to suggest exciting wines to accompany your choices from the menu. Built around a love of wine and the many ways of savouring it, D-Wine has something for everyone – and if your budget doesn’t stretch to famous vintages dating in some cases all the way back to the 1920s, then you will be surprised to find that even among the special cabinet highlighting wines with Parker ratings of up to and near 100 points there are some very affordable options too. As with all classics, the appreciation of good wine is a matter of taste and exploration, and now Marbella has its very own emporium dedicated to the enjoyment of it.

Centro Comercial y Deportivo Azalea. CN 340 km. 173, Edificio A, Entidad D1 Nueva Andalucía, Marbella.
Tel: +34 952 814 446 / +34 951 339 309.


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