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We love contemporary architecture, yet amid the many modern designs recently built in Marbella how refreshing is it to see a newly built villa of classical distinction.

Timeless Elegance

It’s a well-known reference used to describe the finest watches, cars, fashion and other luxury items whose style has an enduring quality that never fades or loses value the way many of the more short-lived trends and fads inevitably do.

The modern design trend that has had Marbella in its grip over the past few years is a bona fide style movement with positive connotations, yet throughout such cyclically led waves there is always a place – and a need – for alternatives.

Without such options any predominant style trend will simply fade sooner, and no, alternative choices should not only come in the form of existing resale properties but also include newly built homes that are as modern under the skin as all the others while offering a more classical architectural style and distribution.

“It is undeniably true that a large proportion of today’s buyers are looking for modern style homes, but equally there remains a significant number for whom such properties don’t suit their needs, lifestyle or taste,’ says Callum.

Until now their choice has been limited to older existing homes with the option of modernising their infrastructure and giving them a facelift. This villa in Sierra Blanca – one of the first modern homes built in Marbella that deviates from the now-standard contemporary architectural styling – brings timeless Mediterranean elegance right into the 21st century. “As an agent I am thrilled, as it is always a good thing to be able to offer homes in a wide variety of styles, locations and configurations.’

Classic Style in a Modern Home

Make no mistake, regardless of their aesthetic and lifestyle preferences, there aren’t a lot of people who would turn down a home with the latest comforts, technologies and efficiencies in favour of an old one…

Words Michel Cruz/ Photography Wayne Chasan

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