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We interview four key people defining Marbella Planning…

Isabel Pérez

Architect and Planning Councillor, Marbella Town Hall

What is your urbanistic concept of Marbella?
I view Marbella as flowing from the mountain towards the sea without disruption. We have a long, 28 km coastline, along which four distinct centres have flourished: San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella Centre and Las Chapas. Each has its own services, a life of its own.

We are back to the 1986 Plan, now what?
It must first be adapted to the laws currently in force. We’ll have to make specific changes, as some parts of the original plan don’t make sense any longer – e.g. A7 dual carriageway, whose original location and design were altered.

Other specific changes, whether structural or particular to certain areas will require approval too, if construction is to continue. Once that is done we will need to develop new plans which reflect current needs. We’ll keep a close eye on quality, protecting general interests.

How about setting a maximum height for buildings?
The 1986 Planning currently in force is very strict as to construction densities and heights. We will therefore be playing on the safe side. We have completely discarded skyscrapers. The Marbella Strategic Plan stresses our uniqueness, which we mean to uphold.

The general public appreciated the excellent digital plans of the 2010 Plan. The 1986 plan is not available digitally…
You are quite right. Also when we scan very large images, they tend to deform slightly. Hence we are working on new mapping, embedding as much data as possible into the maps.

What about subsidised quality housing, with large open avenues and ample greenbelts?
The 2010 Plan provided for subsidised housing, though it was never carried out. The tender to choose the studio designing the subsidised housing programme was one of the first accepted, though we had to cancel the contract when the Supreme Court annulled the Plan.

It would be good to work on a programme though, even before we had the new Plan. We needn’t always go for basic housing. There is a wide range of options, and we would opt for higher quality developments. Rentals with an option to buy would be on our list…

Words Cristina Falkenberg Photography Kevin Horn

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