We often think of ageing as an unwanted line here, a bit of flaccidity there, something that we wish we could magically erase, so that our outer appearance comes to reflect the youth and vitality we feel on the inside.

For Dr. Mario Arques, however, the approach to youth and beauty is far more profound; it involves finding the source of ageing and encouraging the body to do what it was meant to: to work at an optimal level so that our face becomes a reflection of health and well-being in body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Arques, a qualified surgeon who has been practising medicine for 20 years, is in many ways a doctor of the new millennium. His beautiful clinic, located on street level in the bustling Marina Banús complex, is anything but clinical in its appearance.

Transparency and the inviting coolness of turquoise characterise its logo, and give life to the mantras that grace the door to the Doctor’s office. The idea is to express pampering and being cared for and indeed, there is something peaceful and calming about the surroundings, a sensation which is immediately echoed by Dr. Arques’ welcoming personality.

If you have been reticent about having a Botox treatment for the first time, or you wonder if some fillers could enhance your appearance, take note: Dr. Arques specialises in the face and can recommend a long-lasting, reasonably priced treatment that will have you looking your best self, often with little-to-no downtime.

Ageing, he notes, is increasingly due to our lifestyle choices – the wrong diet, a lack of physical activity, poor sleep, etc. “When a patient comes to see me, the first thing we do is try to work out the origin of the problem, to find the ideal way to stimulate the production of the building blocks of skin – collagen and elastin.” These proteins keep skin firm, radiant and elastic; when their levels decline, skin takes on an aged appearance.

One of the most popular treatments at the Arques Clinic, is Ellansé by Sinclair, which simultaneously fills lines and grooves and promotes collagen production. The product is fully resorbable by the body and differs from other fillers in its powerful bio stimulating effects.

The top-of-the-range product (Ellansé-E) lasts for four years, which is great news for budget-conscious femmes. Ellanse works gradually, thereby filling in sunken areas in a more natural way. This product won the Frost and Sullivan (2011) award for being the dermal filler with the longest duration in terms of reversing the signs of ageing.

Another sought-after treatment is Silhouette Soft, known as the ‘Ferrari of threading treatments’. This is, in effect, a non-surgical facelift, with no downtime at all (patients go home on the same day). The resorbable threads function as scaffolding under the surface of the skin to lift sagging tissue.

Explains Dr. Arques, “Silhouette Soft fits in with our philosophy, because our aim is never to change the characteristics of a face, but rather, to encourage skin to produce its own elastin and collagen, as healthy, youthful skin naturally does.”

Another cutting-edge treatment is PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma): “Its principles are similar to biostimulation,” says Dr. Arques, “We introduce platelets obtained from the patient in required areas, to stimulate collagen production.” This fascinating treatment has been used for over a decade to help rebuild collagen and reconstruct joints and was approved a few years ago for facial rejuvenation.

Dermapen micro-needling (also known as collagen induction therapy) is another efficient way to encourage skin to repair itself. It enables skin to heal from scars and wrinkles, by using tiny needles to create therapeutic micro holes on the skin’s surface, resulting in plumper looking skin and it lessens the appearance of fine lines.

Dr. Arques is also big on ‘green injections’ – 100 per cent natural fillers that can be used to fill naso-labial folds, create fuller lips, increase volume in the face and more. Of course, Botox (“just a protein that relaxes the muscle,” says Dr. Arques) is highly solicited, as are treatments for acne scars, pigmentation and more.

Dr. Arques also values supplementation; thus, the Clinic, winner of the Social Enterprise award, stocks various types of collagen blends. Body treatments are also offered – everything from vein treatments to solutions for obesity, ageing skin, etc. Finally, the Clinic offers micropigmentation treatment, akin to permanent make-up and highly effective at giving eyebrows a more beautiful shape or tattooing hair on bald heads (the effect is similar to having shaved hair off, when a slight regrowth appears).

Dr. Arques insists that the right treatment ultimately depends on the individual. Sometimes, a combination of treatments works best and he will recommend the use of fillers as well as threading. He works closely alongside highly experienced surgeons so if he feels surgery is ideal for you, he will recommend a surgeon. With so many new advances, however, surgery is often not necessary; at the Arques Clinic, it is all a matter of encouraging your skin cells to do all the work!

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

C.C. Marina Banus, Bloque 3,
Puerto Banús. Tel: 662 408 408.