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English-Speaking Electricity Supplier Comes to Spain.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler” is an Einstein quote which has been adopted by Energy Nordic, a Danish-owned, multilingual electricity supplier that is making life a lot easier for expats on the Coast.

The company, which boasts a central location in Fuengirola but provides electricity Spain-wide, is here to take the confusion out of selecting an electricity plan, also supplying you with easy-to-read electricity bills.

The company boasts a qualified, friendly, team that can attend to you in English (or, indeed, in Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and German – with more languages soon to be available).

Electricity Bills in Plain English
Energy Nordic was founded by Jesper Wagner (CEO) and Christian Larsen (Partner and Director of Marketing), who built up electricity companies in Denmark for many years before setting up on the Coast.

They are joined by Marianne Dahlgaard (Customer Service Manager), who has a detailed knowledge of the electricity service industry in Spain, and Phil Mitchell (Commercial Manager), who tells me that the state of the electricity market in Spain (where clients are often unaware of the options available to them) is “similar to the Danish market six years ago.”

Today, he reminds me, there is no reason to think that you must rely on one supplier in particular. With Energy Nordic, expats can receive bills in simple English (or another chosen language) and rely on expert knowledge that will enable them to find the most convenient plan possible.

“Currently,” says Phil, “Many people don’t really know what they are paying for. We inform them of important considerations such as their contracted power, the actual energy they are using, taxes, etc.”

Finding the Best Plan for Your Home
The right energy programme can potentially reduce the price of your bill. Phil tells me about two current plans offered at Energy Nordic: “One is called Flex Price. It is for those who wish to obtain energy at the exact cost price.

We buy power on the energy market every single day, and sell it to you at exactly the same price that we pay – with no hidden tariffs or charges. If electricity prices fall, so do your costs. You pay us a small (€5 monthly) handling charge for trading your energy daily on the market.”

The second plan, called the Flat Rate plan, is ideal for holiday homes which you may only use occasionally. Says Phil, “You pay a fixed rate every month, regardless of your usage and no matter how much time you or your family spend in your Spanish home.

Your Flat Rate is calculated on the basis of your previous usage, which places you in a certain price group. You can use as much electricity as you need within the group you have chosen.”

100% Green Energy
If having a dedicated, specialised team attending to you and answering all your queries in your language of choice, and finding a more reasonably priced plan doesn’t convince you, this surely will: “All electricity supplied by Energy Nordic is sustainable green energy,” explains Phil.

Customer Service with Passion
The enthusiastic directors at Energy Nordic have placed a strong emphasis on finding the right team; since clients hail from a host of different countries and have varying needs, it is important to have a committed staff that is passionate about offering customers the best, most personalised solutions possible. “You are always welcome to call us or drop by as we would like to talk to you” says Phil.

The success of Energy Nordic in this sphere is testimony to the fact that making things simple may take plenty of work, but the result is worth it – in this case as much for clients as for renewable energy producers and our fragile Planet. Says Phil, “Anyone who is interested in learning about how we can help them can feel free to contact us for more information.”

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

C/ San Pancracio 18, Fuengirola. Tel: 916 358 626.


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