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It is odd to think that, despite being aware that insufficient hours of deep sleep can contribute to a plethora of health conditions including obesity and depression, many of us continue to consider a good bed, a luxury. Sleep is, of course, so much more than that. It is a necessary pause for refuelling and giving our body and mind, a necessary break from our daily activities.

Jensen Store has been on the Coast for almost 15 years. It specialises in luxury Norwegian beds. With stores in Marbella and Mallorca, Jensen’s beautiful beds are often sent across the globe, since clients who purchase a bed for their second home in Marbella often fall in love with the bed’s quality and desire one for back home.

Jensen Beds embrace the body and bestow an experience which combines harmony and wellbeing. The company’s team of dedicated experts, led by a skilled physiotherapist, develops beds that ensure deep sleep comfort. Since 1947 Jensen has produced beds in Norway with a strong focus on sleep comfort.

Many groundbreaking innovations in bed manufacturing bear the Jensen signature and today this is more evident than ever before. Combining the traditional craftsmanship with the best materials and solutions the market has to offer is key for the business.

Jensen Beds have a unique zone system; the beds are divided into five different zones, which provides the ideal support for the different parts of the body. The support for the lower back in combination with a soft shoulder zone, for instance, provides an entirely new sleep experience. The shoulders and hips, meanwhile, sink deeper into the mattress. 

By combining nature-inspired materials and textiles with a timeless sense of shape, the company has created products with amazing sleep comfort which look beautiful too. Jensen Beds has won The Award for Design Excellence from the Norwegian Design Council twice.

With pleasant Scandinavian designs, inspired by the fabulous Norwegian nature and sleep comfort of the highest quality, Jensen beds are made to guarantee an optimal quality sleep, with exclusive sleep comfort in single and double beds, as well as adjustable beds.

All of these provide great support for the body’s sensitive areas in the back, hips, shoulders and neck – whether you prefer a soft or firm surface. Furthermore, you will find lots of beautiful accessories like headboards, bed side tables, legs and elegant ottomans.

Sleep well during the night, and feel energised during the day!

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography courtesy of Jensen Beds

Polígono Nueva Campana 23, Nueva Andalucía. Tel: 952 908 855.


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