Do you want to lose weight, or simply eat a healthy, balanced meal every day, prepared by a professional Chef? It’s the stuff dreams are made of, isn’t it? Something only big name celebrities like J-Lo or Madonna have access to.

This is no longer the case; a fabulous restaurant/home delivery service has just opened up in the very centre of Marbella called I-Bites, founded by business partners, Ashan Corea and Mariana Yarova. Ashan is the Chef, but also a qualified nutritionist, something quite rare in the restaurant trade.

All meals prepared contain a healthy balance of proteins, carbs and vegetables, ensuring your tummy is pleased and your body is fuelled for an action-packed day.

There are many ways you can enjoy I-Bites. One is to simply visit the restaurant for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and order from the menu, divided into various categories:

Breakfast Bites – How does a three-egg white omelette with veggies and toast sound? Or oatmeal with fruit, berries and soya milk?

Sandwiches and wraps – We tried their chicken and veggie wrap – warm, toasty and so filling and delicious – this is just one of many options.

Salads and specials
– Try the chickpea quinoa salad or the spinach and chicken salad.

Smoothies – Choose a protein, energy or detox smoothie.

Busy bees, meanwhile, may request a home or office delivery – can you imagine tucking into a hearty salad or wrap in the office at lunchtime instead of going hungry because you forgot to make yourself a sandwich?

The meals are delicious, filling and beautifully presented. Yellow, red and green veggies make attractive companions to a lovely fish or meat dish (when ordering just say whether grilled or steamed is your thing).

A third way to avail of I-Bites’ healthy meals is to purchase a meal plan, which includes three-course meals catered to help you either lose, maintain or gain weight. Meals can either be delivered to your home or picked up at the restaurant itself.

You can follow the plan for as many days as you like, with many clients obtaining their full month’s meals from I-Bites. It makes sense, considering that going to the supermarket these days can be expensive – and time-consuming. Moreover, anyone who wants to lose weight needs to cook at home.

There is no way one can achieve weight loss goals without eating nutritiously every day. I-Bites therefore fills a huge demand in Marbella, where time is of the essence for the average resident.

Indeed, the company has big plans, including the establishment of franchises in big cities, not just in Spain (we will keep you posted on any new developments).

Meal plans are as follows:

Weight Loss: Lunch, snack and dinner for a whole day with a total of 900-1,000 Kcal. Cost: €16 per day.
Weight Maintenance: Lunch, snack and dinner with a total of 1400-1,600 Kcal. Cost: €18 per day.
Weight Gain: Lunch, snack and dinner with a total of 1,800-2,000 Kcal. Cost: €22 per day.

All meals are fully nutritious, each aimed at achieving a different goal. Interestingly, Mariana is an excellent example of how easy it is to lose weight while eating the kind of food you would order at your favourite restaurant. “I lost 30 kilos last year and all I did was eat the weight loss meal daily.

You should see my house – my fridge is empty and my hob is sparkling clean. I don’t eat anything else other than what is on the plan and the weight has just dropped off.” Seeing is believing. Mariana pulls out her phone and shows me pictures taken just a year ago – indeed, her transformation is impressive!

The I-Bites team is young, creative, full of new ideas. Take their picnic concept, for example: imagine surprising the object of your desire with an unexpected picnic, full of delicious and nutritious treats!

Just call I-Bites and they will prepare a lovely picnic basket with all the ingredients to make the experience magical – including the checked picnic cloth, cutlery, glasses and, of course, beautiful food that feeds your mind, body and soul.

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

Open daily from 8:30am to 8pm.For meal plans and special order home deliveries, 24h notice is required.
For food ordered from the menu, order from 11am to 8pm.
Delivery charge: €4.
Delivery takes place from 11am to 8:30pm, from Marbella to Estepona.
Order online or by giving I-Bites a call.
C/ Hermanos Salom 4, Edif. María 2, Local 1, Marbella. Tel: 952 886 679/650 626 222.



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