Are we AI ready?


Yes, I am obsessed with chipsets and would even accept Bitcoin for my house, which is for sale.

Yet I constantly find myself buying printed books by the kilos, and spend my time off work without electronic devices, because we all need a break from the information overload that comes with technological advancements in the era of 2.0. Even geeks.

But as I was enjoying a nice nap with a good-old, half-finished paperback novel hanging from my hammock, a sweet, feminine, perhaps slightly computerised voice woke me up saying:

— “Good afternoon, Mr Parandeh. Based on your previous decisions, there was a 97.6543 per cent chance that you would wake up wanting to drink coffee, so here is your freshly ground and brewed espresso, with two sugars, as you have enjoyed in 53 out of your last 54 cups.”
— “How considerate of you, that is spot on, thanks so much,” I replied. “What is your name, by the way?”
— “Alexa, Sir. Amazon Alexa.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here. It is ready to make your life and mine a little bit easier, one line of code at a time.

Life after social networks

In a ridiculously-brief summary of life since the web ceased to be the exclusive domain of creepy crawlers, we could say that Web 1.0 was the basic connectivity to websites with static content; 2.0 was the interactive and social networking platforms; while 3.0 are all these new tech things that we learn about through media and adolescents, but still seem a little Jules Vernesque to us: blockchain, crypto currencies, parallel web-based worlds, smart houses, robotics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to name a few.

I have been reading or watching stories about artificial intelligence for decades. From Asimov to Schwarzenegger, the breadth in scope of potential robot-fuelled apocalyptic scenarios for mankind is staggering. It stopped being a serious topic for me at some stage, drifting into the science fiction section of my library…

Words Ali Parandeh Zandpour

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