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The Andrew Martin showroom on the Golden Mile is new, but designer Jean-Pierre Martel is a highly respected name responsible for creating the interiors of the Puente Romano, Marbella Club, The Ritz Madrid, El Lodge, La Suite and many other prestigious establishments.

In his hands, the fine quality furnishings of Andrew Martin form the basis for interior spaces that transcend mere fads and trends to make design a very personal and sensory experience.

We live in an age of design, and yet we allow ourselves to be swayed and seduced by the ebb and flow of styles created for mass consumption. Design is a highly personal, sensory element in our lives, as it provides the ultimate opportunity to express our personality and build a space around us in which we feel optimally at home, comfortable and, above all, happy.

They say you should surround yourself with the things you love, and never a truer word was spoken. Yet rather than explore an aesthetic that reflects our own personal experience of beauty and happiness, we follow the diktats of what I tend to call the ‘fashion police’ – those mysterious beings who have the power to decide what’s in and what’s out.

While this may arguably work in fashion, it is a great waste to let them into your home. Unfortunately many do, lacking the confidence to develop their own unique home environment while slavishly decorating according to the latest ‘must-have’ look. For those in the know, however, interior design is something very different and, above all, a fun world of personal exploration.

The Timeless Touch

And so design is split between those who can competently reproduce the style du jour and those who have the eye and the flair to create something special. “The latter, by its very nature, is sometimes hard to define,” says Jean-Pierre Martel, a leading designer resident in Marbella since the 1980s.

“This is because such a design is a rather singular thing, inspired by visual styles and references that are in the public domain, but then filtered through individual taste, life philosophy and setting to become something quite unique and representative of the client and/or designer.”

A timeless design is therefore unshackled by the style decrees of the day and free to roam, explore and open up a treasure trove of creative possibilities. It is a confident private client who leaves behind fashions such as the somewhat soulless modern minimalism of a few years ago and works with an interior designer to create something special and unique to them…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography Kevin Horn

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