Atomic Blonde


She’s the new super-heroine who crushes foes between her fishnet-stockinged thighs, digs girls as well as guys and drinks her Stolichnaya neat. Charlize Theron’s mind-blowing martial arts moves alone make Cold War action thriller Atomic Blonde this summer’s essential viewing.

“Now you’re my bitch” growls Charlize Theron as she nails two goons with the spiked heel of her red patent Louboutin shoe to a Killer Queen soundtrack in the trailer of Atomic Blonde.

The name’s not James Blonde but there’s more than a dash of 007 in her hot-yet-steely MI6 agent, Lorraine Broughton, a peroxide Mata Hari dispatched to 1989 Berlin days before the wall came down to retrieve a vital list of double agents and prevent the Cold War with Russia escalating into WW3. With current tensions between superpowers, the film is perfect timing.

However, it’s Theron’s convincing fight scenes that are set to leave audiences shaken and stirred. In one, she rappels from a balcony using an unconscious goon as a counterweight.

In another – variously reported by critics as lasting anything from five to 12 minutes – she battles from an elevator to a staircase to an apartment and into a speeding car in what looks like one seamless take.

In reality, she cracked two teeth and needed “massive dental surgery right before we left for Budapest to shoot the film” – although as co-producer of the movie, based on Antony Johnston’s graphic novel The Coldest City, it’s self-inflicted.

She bought the rights and spent five years developing the story, making an inspired choice in stunt choreographer-turned-director David Leitch (John Wick and the upcoming Deadpool 2) who has doubled for Brad Pitt and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

He taught her multiple-attacker combat techniques including the ‘hanging arm throw’ where she flings herself on the ground, landing on her back, to throw another man over her head…

Words Belinda Beckett

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