Roswell Revisited


The events that occurred in the empty expanses of Roswell, New Mexico 70 years ago continue to fuel one of the most persistent mysteries in modern times. Whether you believe aliens crashed there or not, the Roswell Incident reveals more about human society than it does about UFOs.

Do you believe in the government? It’s a given that our faith in king and country is not as unshakable as it once was, but to what extent can we trust officialdom and are we wrong even to assume that they are always on our side – always the ‘good guy’, as the Americans would put it?

Within a human lifetime we have gone from unquestioning patriotism to all-questioning conspiracy paranoia. While the latter is of course a sign of the rather more cynical times we live in, it has been fuelled by an increasing sense that those in positions of power hide behind the parliamentary democracy they have created while still having the ability to collectively mislead and manipulate the millions on whose behalf they are meant to serve.

This is true not only of politicians who have been exposed as corrupt or immoral, but also of large corporations, international organisations and entire government departments, not to mention the military, police and intelligence services. As a result, pride and obedience has eroded layer by layer to reveal an undercoating of active disbelief.

UFO or high altitude balloon?

Apart from anything else, it is this change in attitudes that is one of the enduring legacies of Roswell, for while the official line was easily accepted back in 1947, when the incident occurred, it came to be increasingly questioned as time wore on, resurfacing as a conspiracy mystery in the 1970s and persisting to this day…

Words Michel Cruz

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