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The summer season is looming, so it is good to know what’s on and where to go for fun and excitement. Fortunately there is a full programme of youth-orientated events, not just during the summer holidays but throughout the year.

The Costa del Sol offers a great range of activities ranging from sport, dance and nature to adventure and more 21st century type entertainment. The choice is entirely yours.

Youth Organisations
Marbella is actually home to a range of youth organisations dedicated to arranging events for teenagers. In addition to Marbella’s very own Youth Delegation, the town hall has also developed the Hay Mucho (There’s a Lot) project, which aims to expose young people to a variety of fun, educational activities that range from art and culture to sport and teamwork.

As well as keeping teenagers out of trouble by engaging them in interesting pursuits, the project also tries to instil healthy lifestyles and debunk the so-called ‘cool’ attraction of smoking and drinking. The workshops and events are available in both Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, but for the time being exclusively in Spanish.

Fun Outdoor Activities

The abundance of beautiful hiking, horse riding and biking trails in the area makes Marbella and its surroundings a perfect place to grab a mountain bike or join a hiking group up to La Concha or the Cruz de Juanar.

Go Take A Hike makes it all fun and also safer by bringing groups of people together, for instance traversing the famed Caminito del Rey, a spectacular footpath chiselled 105 metres up along vertical cliffs in Ardales, near the Málaga lakes.

Another way to explore nature with a buzz is with the buggies of Marbella Off Road Buggy Tours, which take you into unexplored mountainous terrain just inland from Marbella.

It’s a fun, safe way to see beautiful landscapes you never knew existed and you don’t have to be a rally driver as the buggies are automatic and very well maintained – but you must be over 18 and have a driver’s licence, as well as a sense of adventure.

The Festival of Colours, an open-air dance party where revellers spray harmless coloured vegetable powder about them, is a fun, popular event where everyone ends up looking like a multi-coloured work of art.

Those who love animals may also want to visit the village of Castellar, near Sotogrande, which is home to a lovely petting zoo and animal rescue centre, or head into the lakes near Ardales and camp or go fishing…

Words Michel Cruz

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