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Those who love jewellery know the effect that a beautifully designed piece can have on the heart and soul is akin to that produced by an artistic masterpiece. The sensation can be described as a blend of joy, excitement and awe at the intricate blend of colours, shapes and materials; it is a sensation I feel strongly as I view some of the designs by Roger M, who trained as a designer in Brazil and honed his craft at one of the top five jewellers in the world: H. Stern.

Jewellery collectors know the name Roger M well. The talented maestro has called Marbella home for 22 years, and has built a reputation for himself as a creator of one-off pieces using only the very best quality metals, gems and stones (diamonds, for instance, hover from VS to flawless).

I take a look at a beautiful emerald-cut emerald and diamond ring behind the vitrine; the emerald is deeply, darkly coloured yet completely transparent all the way through – a true sign of quality in this precious stone, which is far more rare than even a diamond.

Roger M has a brand new boutique in an idyllic spot across from the Marbella Club Hotel and in the same commercial centre as the popular Organic restaurant. His bright, colourful designs stand proudly alongside the beautiful artwork at Kasser Rassu gallery, the idea being to combine jewellery and fine art works in a dreamlike location on the Golden Mile.

You may have visited Roger’s former boutique in La Cañada, to marvel at the stunning rings, earrings, and necklaces made from a bevy of beautiful materials including diamonds, sapphires and rubies, in gold or platinum settings. The idea at his new boutique is a little different: “Jewellery lovers are free to pop in for a glass of Champagne, to talk about designing a bespoke piece or to renew a piece of jewellery which they no longer fancy.”

Indeed, one of Roger’s specialities is taking old pieces and giving them a more contemporary touch, according to the client’s specifications. All Roger M’s collections are available at the boutique, though another strong component of his business lies in designing items from scratch…

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

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Av. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe 3 (in front of the Marbella Club Hotel), Marbella. Tel: 677 888 844.


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