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The popularity of musicals like La La Land show that the classics are back, but modern songs will also be classics one day – so seems to be the driving idea behind top-selling album, Beautiful Day, by BBC International Award Winning Singer, Tom Solomon.

The crossover CD features a 28-track list including golden oldies such as My Way or Love Story, tracks from the 1970s (She’s Out of My Life) and 1990s (I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing) and modern pop/ rock anthems such as Viva La Vida by Coldplay or Bring Me to Life by Evanescence.

“Most CDs have around 10 tracks, but I wanted to include all the songs my audiences would ask me for in my live shows. Therefore, my album includes two CDs and 28 songs,” says the singer, who recently moved to San Pedro. WORDS

Beautiful Day has reached number one, no less, on the iTunes classical listing, beating out even the great Andrea Bocelli, who positioned at number three. There are obvious reasons for its success: Tom’s beautiful voice (powerful and tender all at once) and his fantastic track choice – the CD speaks across generations and is satisfying to younger and older listeners alike. Moreover, the album was mastered by Pete Maher (a world-class engineer who has produced albums for U2, Lana del Rey and The Rolling Stones, to name just a few artists). 

The quality of the music is key. “One of the best things about making this album was that I had total control,” says Tom. “It took a long time to make all the necessary music arrangements. The songs sound different and often have different introductions to the original versions. It can take a while until you realize – ‘Hey! I know that song!'”

om takes quite a unique approach to every song – he sings a different version of My Way, for instance, “rewritten by Paul Anka for Chris Mann.” Many songs have a big band sound, with everything from string to wind instruments adding richness and depth to the tunes. The list is eclectic, yet one common theme runs throughout: each song tells a story.

Tom, who brims over with energy, positivity and warmth, is excited about where his life is going. He has just moved to the Coast, continues to work both here and abroad, and is doing his best to learn Spanish…

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Arron Dunworth

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