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The luxurious modern apartments of La Meridiana Suites are the first in a series of exciting new projects being launched exclusive to Engel & Völkers, who describe the concept as a ground-breaking Marbella development with highly attractive prices.

“La Meridiana Suites is designed to take Marbella apartment complexes to a new level,” says Smadar Kahana of Engel & Völkers. She believes there is still a lot of room for improvement if we are really to count ourselves among the world’s top luxury destinations, and believes projects such as La Meridiana Suites are leading Marbella in the right direction.

“The difference is in the concept of hassle free truly luxury living, the attention to detail and the subsequent services, though of course it all starts with a top location on the Golden Mile.”

More specifically, an almost level but slightly raised location in Las Lomas de Marbella Club; not just a prestigious address but one that offers space and sea views at walking distance from the beaches of the Golden Mile.

“There is precious little land available for the construction of new luxury apartments here, but demand is very strong,” says Smadar, who receives frequent requests for modern Golden Mile apartments and has therefore seen a proportion of the properties at La Meridiana Suites reserved before the official launch last month.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that luxury modern apartments of this kind with all the amenities and services provided here are very rare on the Golden Mile, so La Meridiana Suites is unique in more than one way.”

Built to impress
One of the other distinguishing points is the fact that the developing company Estato is keen to establish a name for itself in Marbella’s luxury segment and is therefore using La Meridiana Suites as a prestige project.

“This means you get the very best of everything, as the developer wants to impress with superlative quality and value for money.” It’s the first Marbella project for Estato, but its founder and CEO Marc Van Acker is one of the leading real estate developers in Belgium, with a comprehensive portfolio of projects to his name.

La Meridiana Suites is the first of several new boutique villa and apartment projects by Estato that will all be released through exclusive sales partner Engel & Völkers. “Marc is serious about Estato’s Marbella ventures, having established a significant part of his company here, and he is working with the very best professionals, from architects and interior furnishers to commercialising agents.

He chose Engel & Völkers because of years of experience with the company worldwide that confirms our position as a global leader in the sale of luxury properties, providing the most efficient sales through the global network,” says Smadar…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography courtesy of Engel & Völkers

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