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Here on the Coast, we know Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos for the inspiring design of The Edge in Estepona, but with over 500 projects since its founding in 1920, this is a truly global practice based in Madrid.

The fact that Rafael de La-Hoz Architects has worked on some of the leading national and international architectural projects puts its involvement in The Edge into perspective. For this luxury beachside apartment complex on the west side of Estepona, Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos has created an inspiring design that takes architectural styling in this region in a new, exciting direction.

It shows the versatility of a studio that includes office blocks, corporate headquarters, campuses and hospitals among its many varied projects over the years.

The projects are too many to name, but additionally include theatres, public buildings, schools, high speed railway stations, warehousing and distribution centres, business parks, hotels and also urban rejuvenation and planning projects.

Though much of the work has been focused upon Madrid, where Rafael de La-Hoz Architects has its base, the architectural oeuvre extends to all parts of Spain and beyond, including residential developments in Budapest and Warsaw, the expansion of the Vilamoura marina in the Algarve, mixed residential and tourist complexes in Dubai and many more around the globe.

The client list includes regional governments and large corporations such as Repsol, Telefónica, BMW and Vodafone, and the walls are covered with numerous Spanish and international architectural awards.

In recent years, the practice has also become renowned for creating edifices that lead the way in terms of energy-efficiency and sustainability, driven from a desire to create working, living and public spaces that have a minimal impact on the planet and offer a pleasant, healthy environment.

“That, surely, is one of the main roles in which architecture can contribute to the greater good,” says a spokesperson for Rafael de La-Hoz Architects.

The studio is particularly proud of two of its most recent projects: the new headquarters of energy company Repsol, which was awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum certification for its unparalleled sustainability features.

“Our work at the Hospital Rey Juan Carlos, in the Madrid region, also established a new benchmark for hospital architecture in how it addressed how physical space can encourage and promote socialisation by using natural light as a key element.”

“Our philosophy as a studio harks back to a fundamental truth: architecture has an impact on people’s daily lives. By putting that at the core of everything we do, we tackle the habitability and sustainability challenges of each project through innovation and excellence, while delivering an aesthetic architectural vision.”

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Words Michel Cruz / Photography courtesy of Rafael de La-Hoz Arquitectos



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