Life on The Edge


This luxurious new development near Estepona derives its name from its beachfront location, but it is certainly also edgy in terms of concept and design.

Among the many exciting new developments being created in the greater Marbella – Estepona area, The Edge catches the eye for its flowing contemporary design and beachfront position.

As we all know, the best spots tend be taken first, so with the majority of prime frontline beach locations long since occupied, it is a rare thing indeed to see a new beach development taking shape.

Add the new Ley de Costas, which restricts construction near the sea, and those sites suitable for development become few and far between.

Kronos Homes must therefore have known that they were on to a good thing with The Edge, a hectare of premium beach-fronting land that offers direct access to a sandy beach amid those hotly desired views across the Mediterranean Sea.

Avant-garde design in a prime location

Such a special location deserves more than a conventional development, even a modern one, so the developers set out to create something special that would be truly worthy of this beautiful seaside spot.

For this they enlisted the help of Rafael de la Hoz, for in an age of design, the creative vision of a gifted architect is of prime importance. He too sensed how special this location was and wished to design a luxury complex that reflects this.

“Too often the projects being built today have lost the ability to express their setting through design,” says the architect, who instead was inspired by the rippling waves to pen the curved forms of The Edge.

Its railings, terraces, wooden decks and fabric awnings further evoke the sense of the sea and bring subtle nautical themes into the architectural design of the 68 luxurious apartments and penthouses…

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Words Michel Cruz / Photography courtesy of Gilmar


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