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It is amazing to think that problems which, in the past, used to have no other solution than glasses (for instance, presbyopia) can now be treated definitively through surgery, putting an end to the use of glasses and preventing cataracts for the rest of our lives.

The surgery involved is called ‘lens replacement’, currently with one of the highest success rates of all surgical procedures. It takes only five to 10 minutes, requires only anesthetic eye drops, and has a short downtime.

Technology has certainly made problems like astigmatism, near- and far-sightedness, and presbyopia (i.e. needing glasses for reading) issues which are simple and quick to cure.

Sol Eyes, with Clinics in Fuengirola and Puerto Banús, boasts the very latest technology (including LASIK and SMILE laser equipment) to perform these operations; most importantly, it has a team of highly experienced surgeons.

Clinic founders, Drs. Petri and Erja Oksman, have over 30 years’ experience in the field of ophthalmological medicine in their native Finland. Sol Eyes provide every service you could possibly associate with eyesight, and more – including eye checks, dry eyes treatment, and eye surgery.

They are, however, perhaps best known for the latter. Some of the most popular surgeries include:

– Presbyopia Correction Surgery with IOL (Lens Exchange Surgery): As we age, our lens become less ‘elastic’ and we can have problems reading books or working on the computer.

IOL surgery involves removing our stiff lens and replacing it with a multifocal lens, so we can see perfectly well from near and far. In most cases, glasses are no longer required after this intervention. After the operation, it is impossible to develop cataracts; they are effectively removed ‘in advance’.

– Cataract Surgery: This type of surgery also involves removing the ‘cloudy’ lens of an affected eye, and replacing it with an artificial lens, which can be multifocal if required.

Patients receiving this surgery often report a big lift in mood, since being able to see clearly and appreciate vivid colour is priceless. No subsequent operations or lens changes are required, as is the case with surgery for presbyopia.

– Macular Degeneration: Macular degeneration is the leading cause of severe, irreversible vision loss in people aged 60 and over. It occurs when the small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, deteriorates.

There are two types of macular degeneration: the dry form (which can, in some cases, cause ‘blind spots’ in the centre of vision) and the wet form (in which abnormal blood vessels grow beneath the macula).

This can be treated with Eylea injections, or your doctor may recommend low vision aids. One cutting edge surgical procedure involves the insertion of a telescopic lens in one eye, which works similarly to a magnifying lens, thus enhancing the ability to read.

Laser Treatment for Refractive Errors
In case you were wondering how such impactful surgery can have little to no downtime, the answer, is laser. Today, the leading techniques for the correction of refractive errors (including myopia (nearsigtedness), hyperopia (farsightedness) and astigmatism, are corrected using LASIK and SMILE laser surgery (which is the least invasive of these techniques).

Presbyopia can be corrected with laser through the so-called monovision technique. Currently, results from laser surgery are optimal, and the prevalence of risks and complications is close to negligible.

Changes at Sol Eyes
Sol Eyes is proud to welcome highly experienced members to its team, including Dr. Jonathan Strauch (who hails from the US and Sweden and is a specialist in ophthalmology and an ophthalmic surgeon who speaks English, Swedish and Nowegian), Dr. Pedro Naranjo Bonilla from Spain (also specialist in ophthalmology and an ophthalmic surgeon) and Dr. Hanna Raitio (a consultant and aesthetic dermatologist with almost three decades of experience).

Dr. Raitio will be providing a host of services, including Botox and facial peelings, turning back the hands of time through tried-and-tested and cutting-edge treatments alike.

Sol Eyes is also pleased to announce that its Fuengirola Clinic recently moved to spacious new premises, with more treatment rooms for surgery and all other services pertinent to vision.

Make 2018 a Year for Change
If you are tired of the weight and aesthetics of glasses, there is no need to continue letting inertia be your guide. In just 10 minutes, your life could be changed forever, thanks to groundbreaking technology and the Sol Eyes team’s passion for restoring the gift of vision to every single patient.

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn

Fuengirola: Avda. Alcalde Clemente Diaz Ruiz 3 corner C/Valencia, Fuengirola. Tel: 952 470 073.
Marbella: Avda. Rotary Internacional 34, Puerto Banús. Tel: 952 635 719.



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