An icon of architectural design in Sotogrande with most of its projects in Marbella, ARKitects traces its success to a very clear philosophy.

The world we live in is defined by architecture; it shapes the buildings that surround us, influences landscaping and has as its starting point the engineering infrastructure and town planning around which our urban landscape evolves.

Most architects are well qualified to discuss the merits of different systems and schools of thought that govern or describe the above, but few transcend the dialogue surrounding aesthetics and function to create a rounded philosophy of design and construction that guides their everyday work.

Manuel Jesús Ruíz did exactly this when he founded ARKitects. “I saw that we needed a change in the way things were done. The traditional Andalusian approach to construction and development was fine in an era when the world moved more slowly, land was cheaper and foreign buyers were less demanding of the technical standards of their holiday homes, but it was increasingly ill-suited to a changing world that has not left this region unaffected,” says Manuel.

He noted how this was leading to frustration on the part of buyers who endured long construction delays, big budget overruns and either poor finish or problems with their home’s technical infrastructure – or both.

“I shared this frustration as it affected us too when we were dealing with delivery times and were regularly told that our designs could not be realised without extensive compromises.

In the end we decided to expand our architectural design role to also include engineering and construction, and bring it all together under one umbrella. This is the principle behind the founding of ARKitects.”

Managing the Process
Putting the main design and construction roles in the hands of a single management team enabled Manuel to control the process, from initial concept right through to final delivery.

“We could now circumvent the more cumbersome conventional way of working in these parts and offer our clients guarantees in terms of delivery times, budget and build standards without having to compromise on the quality of design and finishing…

Words Michel Cruz / Photography Kevin Horn

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