Marbella came alive when jetsetters and music lovers alike discovered that Dillyzzz, mover and shaker and owner of arguably the most iconic club ever to hit the Port –Joe’s Bar – was back!

This time, he would be bringing his particular brand of cool (and the most suave partygoers) to the doors of the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa’s La Plaza, which is also home to some of Marbella’s best dining establishments.

Dillyzzz, whose parents hail from the Bahamas, is a New York-born trendsetter who also spent many years in London, absorbing the musical cultures of these two iconic cities and distilling their essence in Marbella. Says Dillyzzz: “New York has such a rich culture of jazz, blues, hip hop and funk music. Living there, I managed to discover and partake in the latest happenings on the music scene.”

Dillyzzz’s connection with Marbella occurred by chance: “I visited Ibiza and loved it, but noted that the party season was short; by the end of September everyone was going home. Everyone there was talking about Marbella, so I decided to visit and was immediately hooked.

Marbella is more than just a party destination; it is also home to people who like to go out and enjoy great music so I decided to move here.” Dillyzzz initially took over Joe’s Bar in the Port, a veritable icon in Marbella’s history, the nightclub of choice for everyone from Michael Hutchence of INXS (“Michael actually asked me to become a partner at Joe’s,” recalls Dillyzzz) to the Rolling Stones (“They came to party after performing live.”).

Joe’s Bar offered something very different to what was available anywhere else on the Coast: a blend of reggae, rock ‘n roll, blues, funk and disco music that was far removed from the tunes on a Top 40 playlist. At Joes’ Bar, one of Dillyzzz’s best clients was Daniel Shamoon.

“One day, Daniel invited me to lunch at the beach club that is now known as Suite del Mar. Back then, I suggested that it might be a good idea to convert the beach club into a hot night spot – one where people could get together after dinner to enjoy drinks and good music.

Eventually, Daniel called me and we opened Suite del Mar in 1995. That was a great time. We didn’t do any PR or promotion yet it became a huge success; it was just Daniel, Rafa, Ángel and I – we were the four musketeers.”

Suite del Mar didn’t spell the end of the Dillyzzz-Daniel alliance, though. “Daniel really loved Joe’s Bar and he wanted to do something similar at the Puente Romano, but with a different name. We then opened Suite; eventually, Suite (now known as La Suite) moved to La Plaza.”

It is interesting to note, says Dillyzzz, that the origin of one of Marbella’s best loved discos (La Suite) is actually Joe’s Bar. Around four years ago, Daniel once again counted on Dillyzzz to carry out public relations work at the Puente Romano Beach Resort & Spa. Dillyzzz, who teaches boxing and self-defence and is a personal trainer and a naturopath by day, is frequently spotted in Marbella’s coolest spots by night.

He has built up a vast and solid network of friends and acquaintances who follow his beck and call when it comes to setting the weekend on fire. A few months ago, Daniel again suggested bringing back Joe’s Bar. “He still wanted Joe’s and still wanted to work with me,” smiles Dillyzzz, openly sentimental about the strong bond built between the two over the years.

The new Joe’s, ensconced by Uni at La Plaza, receives the wave of partygoers who move between the plaza itself, Joe’s, and La Suite. Music lovers sip on bottles of Champagne or designer cocktails (I recommend the chilli mojito) while they listen to funk and soul music from the 1980s onwards, mixed and given new life by talented DJs such as Aaron Phillips and Big D of Lick FM, as well as top national and international DJs like Luis Vega, DJ Mateo and Frankie Knuckles.

“Mike Molinos, Music Manager of La Suite, also brings great music to the whole resort. We feature music of all styles, given a lively touch through new mixes,” notes Dillyzzz, who says goodbye with a big hug. Somehow, I, too, am enraptured by his irresistible charisma…

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Kevin Horn



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