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The essential brand enjoys unrivalled local authority. Relevant content, in-depth features and social commentary make essential the undisputed market leader providing the ultimate insider guide to life and style in Marbella and its surrounds.

Essential Magazine
Quality Content Above All

Diverse Lifestyle Topics, a Little Something for Everyone

Expat living under the sun is a dream of many and readers visit our product from all over the world to be immersed in this experience. We cover all aspects of this fascinating lifestyle, our journalists and contributors have first-hand experience in their topic and are passionate about their storytelling. We feature travel, culture, motoring, leisure, home and décor, health and beauty, gourmet and more from Marbella and further afield.. We aim to inform, inspire and entertain our readers with quality, versatile, unbiased content that is hand-picked.

Style and Prestige in a Bundle

Awesome Content in Beautiful Packaging

Beautiful aesthetics and printing mean that the magazine is respected, collected and granted access to top establishments. It’s sophisticated outlook resonates with the Coast’s most influential consumers who are discerning about culture, fashion, travel, dining and design.

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Popularity and Integrity Over 20 Years of History

Marbella has a highly transitional multi-national audience, which means that each edition is found and read by a large variety of people. Alongside the all-year residents that seek out a copy at the beginning of each month, essential is redistributed mid-month to ensure continued availability for seasonal visitors as well. In spite of our extensive distribution, the copies often ‘fly-off’ the shelves, so we created an interactive digital edition that can be accessed world-wide. Operating over two decades, essential  remains the most popular local choice with readers and advertisers alike.


Published Editions

Since May 1999 we published a new copy of essential magazine every calendar month*


Published Pages

120-220 pages are packed with lively editorial and quality advertisements each month


Printed Copies

Up to 25.000 copies are printed and distributed to select locations each month


Monthly Readers

Reaching a residential and visiting audience on the Costa del Sol, from all over the world

Extensive Distribution is Key

Available Free from All the Best Locations Along the Costa del Sol

  • Selected Restaurants
  • High-End Retail Shops
  • Private Clinics
  • Legal Offices
  • Real Estate Offices
  • Interior Design and Décor Shops
  • 4 and 5 star Hotels
  • Gated Residential Areas
  • Jewellers
  • Private Hospitals
  • Beach Clubs
  • Exclusive Entertainment Centres
  • Luxury Ports and Harbours
  • DeLux Shopping Centres
  • Top Developments
Make It Your Own

Personalised Magazine for High-End Business and Five Star Hotel Room Distribution

Would you like to provide your customers with your own magazine? We offer you all our content with a personalised cover and some pages inside for your in-house distribution. A very cost-effective way to deliver a corporate message and make a good impression on your clients.

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Did you know?

We've Gone Digital

Our hybrid digital edition is very popular not just in Spain, but readers look at our stories and our clients’ promotions all over the world.

World-Wide Exposure


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Tens of thousands of people read our digital magazine every month


Our publications have been exposed to over 11 million people so far


Just Like Holding a Real Magazine in Your Hand and More...

True Likeness

For optimum viewing open the digital version of essential magazine on a large screen or tablet

Cool Navigation

Click on headlines and sections to go directly to what interests you, and straight back to contents

Live Links

Click on hyperlinks within the articles to follow even more of the story or to access advertising content.

Enjoy the Screen

Each article is redesigned with larger text and photos so you don't need to zoom to read comfortably

On-page Videos

Watch related and complimentary videos playing directly on the page for even more entertainment

Global Access

You love Marbella but right now you can't visit? Access our digital edition from anywhere in the world

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