This month’s issue, our 199th edition, brings you the big picture, literally, with our focus on Cinema. Watching films can be educational, emotional and electrifying and is a prime form of entertainment enjoyed by us all.

We open the curtains on the History of Cinema, showing its remarkable revival in the modern era, and take a look at some of the landmark films that have moved us during the last decades.

We also spotlight the highest-earning stars of the silver screen, visit the world’s top film festivals, check out futuristic Smart Cinema, investigate the phenomenon of movie madness and take a tour of cinemas on the coast screening original version (OV or VOSE) films.

Elsewhere in our Easter edition, we rev up the new Ferrari 488 GTB, pop our eyes at a luxurious contemporary villa in Casacada de Camoján, and marvel at Red Carpet Magic couture from Roberto Verino.

Semana Santa is an ideal time to savour with friends and family and we suggest some great local dining options in the shape of La Parrilla, T-Bone Grill, Besaya Beach and Messina, perhaps accompanied by a glass or two of perfect Priorato.