From the earliest of times, mankind has used images and symbols to convey messages and meaning and, through a natural process, this progressed to the lavish artworks of the Renaissance and the Baroque periods, becoming more diverse through the modern era.

As we are all aware, a picture paints a thousand words. Taking our cue from this, for the first time ever, we bring you an edition themed on Art, full of vitality and vibrancy.

We open with a resumé of Spain´s famous five artists, take a guided tour round Málaga’s newest attraction, the dynamic Pompidou Centre, and meet some of the artisans making waves on the coast. Further afield, we contemplate renowned artworks on a global tour of top galleries, and are dazzled by immaculate imagery from award-winning art photographer, Jaime Travezan.

Elsewhere in this issue, we experience 560-horsepower aboard the audacious new Audi RS 7, check out the Guess Autumn/Winter Collection, and marvel at a reformed villa courtesy of Blackshaw Interior Design.

Fine dining options abound on the Coast and we delight in the flavours being concocted at Marbella’s stunning Sutton restaurant and enjoy exquisite meat at the original El Gaucho de Sotogrande, established in 1985.

After the heat and bustle of the summer, September is a month to savour here in Marbella – do so, with your copy of essential.