Love exists in many guises: Platonic, Parental, Sentimental, Sensual, Compassionate, Consummate, Enduring, Unrequited, True Love, Self Love and the Love of Nature.

It is the emotion we all live for and we need a lot more of it if our planet is ultimately going to make it. In this edition, with Valentine’s Day almost upon us, we focus on Romantic Love, the loveliest of them all.

Relive the essence of real romance with our lead feature on top love stories in film; find out what stable relationships have in common; and learn about the languages of love.

We also delve into smart dating, suggest some great local Valentine getaways and raise a toast to that age-old aid to amour in For the Love of Wine. This month sees the long-awaited release of Zoolander 2, whose trailer is hysterical, and we profile the multi-talented Ben Stiller, who co-wrote the script.

Last month, the world lost a much-loved icon with the passing of David Bowie and this issue wouldn’t be complete without a tribute to him. Elsewhere, we talk with newly Michelin-starred chef, Diego Gallegos, of Sollo.

Marvel at the design and contemporary styling of a superb state-of-the-art villa in Sierra Blanca, and enjoy Royal Thai Cuisine at Sukhothai, a veritable institution in Marbella.

Amor est vitae essentia – Love is the essence of life.