In this spring edition of essential, we focus on the Dutch, as well known for their liberal stance on life as they are for an astute entrepreneurial spirit.

Come with us on a journey to the Netherlands as we take in their famous artists, personalities, cities, and top brands. We also look at the phenomenon that is the Orange Machine; as Ruud Gullit says, “To play Holland, you’ve got to play the Dutch”.

We include an analysis of the many phrases that incorporate the Dutch and talk with some movers and shakers on the Coast who are of Dutch origin.

Property is on the move again as can be seen in our interview with Peter Wells of Real Capital Solutions. We also bring you Black and White Haute Couture by Joseph Ribkoff, the sleek lines of the new Mercedes Benz SLC 43 AMG, and legendary Rioja wines courtesy of Miguel Ángel de Gregorio.

Don’t miss our presentation of the new Andrew Martin showroom with Jean-Pierre Martel on the iconic Golden Mile at the Marbella Club Hotel which so merits a visit; take a look at the many items with which you can jazz up your home at Blackshaw Interior Design; and marvel at the totally transformed New York loft-style, Jacks Smokehouse, on the front line of Puerto Banús.

Aside from all of this, catch up on the latest releases, local events and news in your essential monthly read.