Marbella Charities


Marbella residents are concerned with far more important things than living la vida loca; the local community is famed for its solidarity and commitment to non profit organisations and people in need both at a local level and all around the world.


Many charities focus on giving a second chance to sick children, with fundraising events being held for associations such as DEBRA (for children with epidermis bulliosa, or buttefly skin), FUNDASPANDEM (for both children and adults with physical or mental challenges), and Horizonte (for the underprivileged children of Marbella). In the past, events have also been held for children needing expensive treatments, such as Fletcher Jones, who required proton therapy in the USA, since conventional therapy was simply too harsh for his little body to take. These events are normally advertised in Essential Magazine or on Talk Radio Europe, and are as fun as they are purposeful.


Many charities are devoted towards helping sufferers from particular diseases, with two of the most active charities on the Coast being CUDECA (cancer) and Concordia (AIDS). The Concordia team has actually been received by the Queen of Spain, a firm supporter of those suffering from the deadly HIV virus. Galas held in both the summer and winter months atract Marbella’s jetset, who deck out in their most glamorous outfits, but also dig deep into their pockets for causes that can only be described as worthy.


Animal charities are awash with unwanted dogs and cats, and sadly, these organisations rely exclusively on private funding. The alternative for most dogs and cats taken to local pounds is death 10 days after their arrival, with reports of cruelty and starvation bringing tears to the eyes of all of us who love pets. If you wish to help, why not consider passing by Triple A to take a dog for a walk, making a donation to the PAD shelter, or helping get the word around about Animal Angels’ neutering policy? Animals are the most vulnerable, voiceless beings that give so much more than they receive. Let’s try to make life a bit easier for them, and give them a ‘forever home’ by our side if we can.

WORDS BY Marisa Cutillas


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