There is an inexorable link between our physical appearance and our idea of self, between the body, mind and spirit. What plastic surgeons often say is that what may be a matter of little concern for one person, can cause great anguish to another.

Before the advent of modern surgery, human beings were often forced to ‘grin and bear’ a variety of issues. Imagine being born with visibly asymmetrical breasts, an aspect that wrests from the grace of your face or body, or a feature that no amount of exercise or a healthy diet will fix.

Dr. Hamers, a renowned plastic and aesthetic surgeon who practices at Cirumed Clinic and at both Quirónsalud Hospitals (Málaga and Marbella) has one aim in mind: that of helping his patients eliminate the aspects that stand in the way of their happiness.

The affable doctor, who speaks Spanish like a Spaniard and English like a Brit despite being born and raised in Germany, knows the importance of listening carefully to what his clients wish, advising them with care regarding appropriate procedures.

Dr. Hamers joined Cirumed Clinic in 2012, but his passion for surgery stems way back to his childhood. He studied in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico and Latin America, obtaining his qualifications at renowned institutions such as the University of Cologne, the University of Buenos Aires and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

The fluidity of his Spanish surprises me, and he answers, “Very early on, I decided I wanted to travel the world. When an exchange programme allowed me to spend some time in Argentina, I jumped at the chance.”

Dr. Hamers is currently the Director of the Breast Reconstruction Unit of the Quirónsalud Hospital in Málaga and he admits that the surgeries which are most interesting from a medical point of view, are “the challenging ones.”

One area he specialises in, is tuberous breasts (breasts which are often asymmetrical and which lack volume in the lower part of the breast; they are colloquially called ‘Snoopy breasts’ because of their similarity in shape to the world’s most famous beagle when viewed from the side).

“In the case of tuberous breasts, one cannot simply insert an implant; the procedure also involves fat transfer.” It is easy to see how this process can be so difficult, since symmetry is key and much is left to the surgeon’s judgement, unlike the case with the insertion of a standard implant.

Dr. Hamers shows me pre-and post-surgery pictures and the results are, quite simply, beautiful and natural looking. Breasts which a person once hid behind padded bras or thick clothing now look no less than amazing in a bikini; considering some of the patients the doctor showed me were in their 20s, it is rejuvenating to think of the level of happiness which has been restored.

Dr. Hamers carries out various operations – including facelifts (the photographs he presents to me prove that indeed, a facelift these days is so innate looking it almost seems like the hands of time have been turned back in the most natural of ways) and Brazilian butt lifts (with or without implants). Butt lifts are not just about adding volume; they are also about rejuvenating the appearance of buttocks that may be flat, or sagging.

Vaginal reconstruction is another of Dr. Hamer’s areas of special interest. He shows be before pictures (Iots of excess skin emanating from the vagina) and after (smooth, sleek, great in a bikini). Those who have never seen a documentary or read up on this topic may wonder how necessary surgery is – look it up!

You will be amazed by how vital change can be in some cases. “Some women ask for the vagina to be tightened,” he adds, whereas men too, can have their penis extended through surgery.

There are so many options for both men and women that putting up with an issue that is causing one shame or embarrassment is a complete anachronism. If you have an issue which plastic surgery might solve, call Cirumed Clinic to make an appointment with this talented doctor whose greatest inspiration lies in bringing the smile back to his patients’ face.

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