The biggest impediment to change and improvement, is always oneself. We see countless physical and mental transformations take place around us yet it is all too easy to undertake our own, ‘tomorrow.’ Boot Camp Marbella is here to make today, quite literally, the first day of a long and happy life.

Now in its fifth year, the company was founded by entrepreneur and Ironman Jan Dendauw. His aim was to bring “a serious yet fun boot camp to those seeking a kickstart to their fitness,” yet it become Marbella’s most consolidated fitness camp, inspiring people from all over the world to make the few small changes that can make a big difference.

“Boot Camp Marbella is an all-inclusive fitness camp for all ages and fitness levels, staffed by a multilingual team,” says Jan, whose youngest client is 18 and oldest, above 60. Stressed executives from all over the world are joined by new mums seeking to whip their bodies back into shape, and even seasoned athletes who wish to enjoy a week in the sun while training outdoors in a variety of settings.

Jan is surrounded by a team of highly experienced professionals: ‘the best of the best,’ well-known faces among locals into everything from yoga to cycling, resistance training and Pilates… you name it.

Jan has a degree in Business and Marketing and it shows in the professional service he offers. Boot Camp Marbella is never boring: the camp typically lasts between four days and a week (the length of stay can also be personalised) and clients are led through dynamic workouts on the beach, taken on nature-bound mountain bike rides, and, on Fridays, challenged at the largest assault course in Europe, featuring a varied obstacle course that is as fun to complete as it is demanding.

Trainers, too, change throughout the week. “Participants love the fact that they have different trainers for every activity.” Jan also accompanies clients throughout: “I am always there, pushing and helping them overcome obstacles in turn, and making sure that the activity is suited to their fitness level.”

Marbella is another strong pulling point: “Over the last four years, it has rained only a handful of times,” recalls Jan, who notes that “Boot Camp is as much about the Marbella lifestyle as it is about fitness. Marbella bears a unique microclimate and a varied landscape which includes the sea, lakes and mountains.”

As Guetta once said, “Work hard, play hard” –well, not so hard – Jan and the team do take clients out for lunch at some of Marbella’s trendiest establishments and always enjoy a celebratory dinner on the last day of camp.

The convenience of Boot Camp also appeals: the price includes airport pick-up and drop-offs, a stay at a luxury hotel in a room with a sea view, all meals prepared by a dedicated Chef, activities and transport, etc. The Hotel has a luxurious spa and state-of-the-art gym, and optional massage and physiotherapy treatments can be provided.

While Boot Camp does offer personalised camps, Jan notes that group camps always work best because “people inspire each other.” He observes that participants tend to have a similar progression: “Often, what leads people to overeat or neglect their fitness is something psychological.

It can be hard to face that barrier but during Boot Camp something amazing happens… and people realise they can overcome their greatest fears and that they do deserve to care for themselves.”

Ultimately this is Boot Camp’s greatest goal: to start participants on a lifelong journey in which fitness plays an important role in their day-to-day activities. Jan explains: “At Boot Camp we do between five and six activities a day. When people go back home, they then find that fitting in just three or four activities a week is easy as pie.” There really is no excuse: we all actually do have time! That is quite a revelation.

So, does Boot Camp work? The plethora of positive testimonials on the company’s website certainly inspires us! “Although fitness rather than weight loss is our focus, clients normally lose anywhere between two and seven kilos. As they start feeling better, less sluggish, less bloated, it is amazing to see their confidence and happiness soar.”

There is no doubt that when we feel fit and look our best, life seems a much more beautiful adventure. “People and governments spend inordinate amounts of money on medication and treatment, which they could save by simply avoiding habits like overeating, sugar addiction, smoking…” Jan states.

Thus far, people from the UK, Northern Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Holland, America, China, Venezuela, Russia, Switzerland and many more countries have tripped the light fantastic thanks to the dedicated team at Boot Camp… are you ready to love yourself enough to make the most significant change you can for your heath?

Words Marisa Cutillas / Photography Courtesy of Boot Camp Marbella

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