From the renaissance onwards, it became increasingly important how an individual looked. Clothes, hairstyles, makeup, jewellery and accessories came to define the status and style of a person and waves of fashion began to sweep through European civilisation.

Today, it is a hugely important industry that concerns us all and, fittingly, we devote this month’s in vogue essential to Fashion.

From the top down, we present the World’s Most Famous Designers, Trends, Fashion Shows and Popular Blogs, and from the bottom up, we review the enduring influence of Street Fashion, evolving from the epicentre of Carnaby Street in 1960s London.

In terms of haute couture, we also profile iconic personality and one-of-a-kind, Coco Chanel, and bring you Louis Vuitton’s hotly anticipated Autumn Collection.

Elsewhere in this trendsetting release, you will find hot restaurants, great wines, desirable property, cool cars, smart technology and social media beauty trends. Also, learn why having sex is good for your health.

We hope you enjoy our chic edition and look forward to seeing you next month with a bumper Christmas issue!