Young and creative, brothers Dominik and Patrick Maroszek are introducing a fresh new approach to real estate on the Costa del Sol. Raised in Marbella, they have lived here for 20 years and earned their stripes with property companies. Since then, they have embarked on a new-style real estate start-up that is making waves.


Real Estate Reinvented

Most industries are pretty set in their methodology; in fact, try to modify things too much and you might end up ‘reinventing the wheel’. So these days most change involves the growing use of newly emerging technologies.

In real estate, this includes long-distance communication methods, drones and more recently virtual viewing tools. But real estate is above all a service industry, and as such it is centred on the agent-client relationship. Be that with a buyer or the vendor. This personal connection is at the heart of the broker role played by property professionals.

In an era of call centres and online forms, this kind of one-to-one service is more valuable than ever. But there’s another vital element in real estate – that of marketing. This is perhaps the field that has evolved the most over the past two decades. Moving from footfall and trade fair branding to digital strategies that revolve around website searches, content and SEO.

Good marketing material and advertising are still essential. But now companies also communicate their brand values through social media and other new forms of engagement. “We’re fully focused on digital marketing,” says Dominik Maroszek, who represents a new generation in Marbella. “There are new disruptive technologies changing industries all over the world. It’s time that Marbella joins these powerful global trends.”

New Forms Of Engagement In A Changing World

It’s a changing landscape in which the traditional tenets of personal service and ethical business remain unchanged. Yet new ways of reaching and engaging with potential buyers are creating a quiet revolution. In an information-based world it is no longer enough to simply present properties. Today’s buyers come well-informed but seek a sense of what makes different homes special.

Working in an interactive way that blends insight with an open, light-hearted approach, the MaroBrothers do just that. “The Covid period made us aware that there should be more information available to prospective buyers. Without having to fill in forms before you can access it.” He refers to the kind of free information that is now the norm in many markets.

A Family Business

“We always wanted to work together. So when we launched MaroBrothers Realty we had a clear concept of what we wanted our business to be like,” says Patrick. He worked for Sotheby’s in Zurich, while Dominik gained experience at Engel & Völkers. The result is a specialised high-end boutique agency with a modern yet personal feel. It builds on the brothers’ personal connection with Marbella but also identifies with the wider world.

“To offer the right kind of commitment and personal service you can’t be too big and impersonal. But you also have to be innovative. These are two fundamental elements that shape our business, and have allowed us to follow a different route.” Finding a lot of marketing cold and impersonal, they prefer a more informal, direct approach. Rather than relying heavily on a website, the MaroBrothers have in a short time made a name for themselves with video presentations. They are not only informative, but also highly engaging. In the process creating a bridge between conventional property displays and personal viewings.

The honest, fun way in which Dominik takes viewers through luxury homes provides a very lifelike experience. It highlights their features but also gives an accurate reflection of dimensions, orientation, style, layout and amenities. Even more important is the fact that the brothers manage to convey a sense of the home, how it feels to be in and what is special about it.

Striking a Chord with Buyers

This, more than ever in the age of Covid, has hit a chord with potential buyers. Many are using the YouTube videos posted by the MaroBrothers as a convenient way of comparing different properties that interest them. “There is no substitution for entering a property yourself and allowing your senses to tell you the story. But in a time of travel restrictions time is a valuable commodity, this is an accurate way to showcase it.”

And this he does with an enthusiasm and charm that has caught on with many, including creating a connection with younger buyers. In fact, the combination of Patrick’s production skills and Dominik’s natural charisma in front of the camera creates a little magic. It’s the right blend of information and engagement judging by the viewing figures. Their numbers run in the multiple thousands, and reach potential buyers in Europe, the Americas and the Middle East. What’s more, the MaroBrothers don’t charge for promotion, but invest their time and resources in the properties they believe in. They also work with other agents to add a fresh approach to marketing.

A Fresh Approach

In doing things in a way that comes natural to them, Dominik and Patrick Maroszek are connecting with a growing audience. They represent a new wave of young professionals who will transform the local property sector. Bringing it in line with the rest of the world. However, even if video production of this kind catches on in Marbella, the very personal way the brothers promote quality properties is hard to replicate.

“We know that this is only one aspect of an agent’s work, but it marks the way in which we work,” says Patrick. His creative approach to video production forms part of their unique philosophy. The brothers prefer a personal conversation and briefing with homebuyers over receiving an email contact form. As Dominik says: “We would rather send our clients four or five targeted proposals. Not bombard them with unrelated choices, and we never ask them to fill in forms first.”

Check them out on YouTube under MAROBROTHERS.


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