Marbella may be the capital of golf, but it is also one of the leading spa capitals of the world. It is no wonder that Michelle and Sasha Obama headed for the Villa Padierna Hotel to unwind from all the political stress; with installations that are making the news in international publications, Marbella’s top spas offer some of the most sophisticated spa treatments in the world.


The Villa Padierna Spa is one such gem, decorated in neo-classical style, complete with Roman statues, Michelangelo-style anatomical sketches and a heated indoor pool. Select from a variety of steam baths, varying in scent, décor and humidity levels, and lose your worries in areas such as the Indian hammam, decorated with hand crafted arches and domes, and bearing the irresistible scent of curry and fruits.
The Gvadalpín Spa is another stalwart, featuring a circuit pool, scented showers, massage baths, Kneipp jets, etc. Here, you will find qualified staff such as Encarni Moreno, a wonderful physiotherapist who can relieve your pain with a touch of the hand. Those who seek nutritional as well as physical healing often opt for the Selenza Spa, where health and wellness is treated as an integral concept that begins from the inside. The Hotel Don Carlos Spa is also at the top of the game when it comes to nouvelle treatments, while the Yi Spa at the Hotel Meliá La Quinta is testimony to the beauty of Arabian architecture and design.


For anything from a pampering manicure/pedicure right through to a hot stone, Vichy or sports massage, Marbella is the place for you. The international ambience of the coast has gone a long way towards attracting the world’s top professionals, who are pleased to bring the very latest in beauty and health treatments to your doorstep.

To turn back the hands of time, who could resist a cryotherapy facial with serum-infused ice cubes at the Yi Spa in the Meliá La Quinta? To delve into a state of relaxation as deep as the centre of the earth, who wouldn’t try the Asian Massage at the Hotel Villa Padierna or the Lomi Lomi massage at the Hotel Don Carlos Spa?

To relive the sensation of being inside your mother’s womb, who wouldn’t plunge into the Watsu experience at the Hotel Selenza? And if zero calorie indulgence is a priority, have chocolate, cherries or grapes rubbed onto your body, leaving it baby smooth, at the Gvadalpín Spa. Marbella’s top spas bring you the best and latest from all over the world, including the USA, Hawaii, Thailand and China.


The daily stresses and problems we encounter can often affect our health in indirect but palpable manners. Symptoms such as weight gain, back or cervical pain or feeling bloated and fatigued, are signs that we need to take our pace down a notch. It is now wonder that many celebrities from all over the world flock to havens like the Selenza Spa or the Clínica Buchinger, to find the equilibrium they have lost. The Selenza Spa, like the Gvadalpín Spa, is located within a hotel complex so, it is possible to book anything from a full day’s pampering session right through to a two-week pack in which you undergo a host of treatments you and a team of professionals (which included nutritionists, doctors and physiotherapists) have determined ideal for your particular health issues. The Clínica Buchinger is a renowned proponent of fasting for wellness, and guests, under the guided hands of professionals, This sanctuary and its tranquil, silent surroundings can transform you into a trimmer, healthier and happier person by focusing on health from within.

WORDS BY Marisa Cutillas