It seems that our wonderful world is under duress on all fronts and, whatever self-interested parties may say, it’s definitely of our own making.

As a responsible component of the media and a lifestyle magazine, which has been printed on recyclable paper from issue one, it is additionally our duty to report on some of the worst excesses that need to be rapidly addressed, involving efforts from us all, but we also convey good news and hope, as there are many positive measures being adopted.

Read about the plastic epidemic which is engulfing our planet and what we need to do NOW to reverse it; find our about our other waste problems and how they are being managed; and learn about bio fuels and what promise they provide for the future.

With national governments very slow to react to the evolving crises, thank goodness for environmental crusaders like Al Gore and Elon Musk – both of whom are profiled in these pages – let’s hope they live for a very long time!

Elsewhere in this edition, check out the eagerly-awaited Blade Runner 2049, which hits cinema screens this month, and imagine a paradisiacal life on one of several idyllic islands.

Locally, we preview this month’s Costa del Sol Home Fair, talk with innovative aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Kai Kaye, and present La Perla Blanca, a palatial property fronting the beach.

Finally, don’t miss our dining section, with recommendations of top restaurants and great wines.