This month’s Magazine is dedicated to Health, something that most of us tend to take for granted, but which can wreak havoc in our lives when failing.

Accordingly, we focus on some of the main issues and suggest lifestyle changes which will hopefully maintain our well-being and vitality.

If you are in need of a spot of rejuvenation, consider a sojourn at some of the World’s top Health Resorts or, more locally, find out how Helicopters Sanitarios can take care of you and yours, and how to relax body and mind at the Shanti Som retreat in the lush Sierra de las Nieves close to Marbella.

With incidences of cancer increasing on a global scale, we talk with Harley Street specialist, Dr. Nyjon Eccles, and Immucura’s Johannes Schumacher, about their recently launched Immu 7 Onco Support program.

As well, Consulting Gastroenterologist, Dr Michael Peters, impresses on us the importance of screening for the prevention of colon cancer. Some other concerns addressed in these pages include arthritis, inflammation and psoriasis.

From being outlawed and much maligned, it appears that marijuana is becoming all the rage in terms of its potential medical benefits and, CBD – the non psycho active component of cannabis – is currently making its way into all manner of products, from gummy bears to luxury chocolates, as can be seen in out feature article, The Wonders of Weed.

Elsewhere, find out why the Mercedes S-Class is so highly regarded, view Street Style couture from Marc Cain and, with Christmas on the horizon, check out upcoming video game releases that are sure to be hot sellers.