It’s reassuring to learn that, even if world leaders and governing bodies cannot make the right decisions to help our beleaguered planet, people themselves are changing behaviour as can be clearly discerned from our lead feature on Travel Trends 2020.

In this extended February issue, we savour a thrilling ride in the stunning new Jaguar F-Type, we profile legendary Oceanographer, Jaques Cousteau, and we take a light-hearted look at Leap Year Love. We also discover why, despite our dreams of connection with other planetary beings, we may in fact be alone in this vast universe.

Find out about stone being turned into paper, the latest techniques involved in IVF, simple screening tests for breast and cervical cancer, and why Kangen Water is the health-improving solution many of us could benefit from.

Locally, we enjoy a weekend at the stylish new Hotel Plaza 18 in Vejer, visiting Da Bruno’s new winery, La Vigña, en route, and stopping off for a memorable meal at D-Wine on the way home.

Elsewhere, check out the new Dior Spring/Summer Collection and discover how umbrellas are becoming a hot trend in fashion accessories.