Following more rain than we are used to in these parts, it has finally returned to form and it looks like we are in for a blazing summer. Hot off the press too, you will find a great mix of content in this June issue.

We lead with Gender Inequality, also profiling top decision makers who are all women, and we ask the question: What if Women Ruled The World? Locally, we interview two prominent women in business: Victoria Morgan, Sales Manager of Bentley Marbella, and Jeannine Aslani, Director of Cirumed’s Cosmetic Department.

Our screens will be full of football this month with the World Cup kicking off in Russia on 14th June – don’t miss our comprehensive preview on who to look out for, what to expect, and when to watch.

Gibraltar recently inaugurated its Skywalk, appropriately enough with a visit from Luke Skywalker. Taking this as a cue, we present some of the World’s Scariest Skywalks which are only for those with a stalwart head for heights. In a similar vein, look up our architectural feature on a few of the planet’s tallest buildings.

Elsewhere, we enjoy a cosseting ride aboard the new Bentley Continental GT, before visiting an impressive property on the Golden Mile. We also recommend some fine dining options here in Marbella and report on the meteoric rise in popularity of Prosecco and Pinot Grigio.