In a few short years, our existence has been totally transformed by the onslaught of technology and this process of evolution is continuing at an exponential pace. At this rate, it is difficult to envisage how life will be in another decade, let alone for the next generation.

Much of this change is positive, of course, making our lives less complicated, and on a global scale we may even solve major problems involving food production and having sufficient drinking water, if our fragile and beleaguered planet holds out in the interim.

Accordingly, we devote this month’s essential to Technology: what’s trending, applications that increase our safety, high tech cuisine, smart clothing, and artificial intelligence. We also preview the iconic new Tesla Roadster, profile Amazon’s amazing Jeff Bezos (currently the world’s richest person), check in to some technologically advanced hotels, and suggest a few gadgets to help protect your health.

On the local front, we feature Illusion, who specialise in home automation; Ambience, who are artists in home interiors; and we present a stylish contemporary villa that is full of vibrant colour, courtesy of Panorama, masters of luxury real estate.

People wise, enjoy our interviews with Laura Jiménez Conde and Cristina O. Bråteng of By Nok, Eleni Manousou of Nobu, Sonja Kästner of Ocean Clinic and Saudi Designer, Sadeem Alshehail.

For those who love great food, we invite you to join us at the new eclectic Tanino in San Pedro and for some authentic Italian cuisine at the recently re-opened Tartufo in Marbella’s Old Town.

See you next month with our anniversary edition.