Round next to square, light against dark, rough and smooth - contrast is one of the fundamental principles of art as it draws attention while creating tension. Taking advantage of these effects in the home makes the furniture look vivid, exciting and unique.


Opposites for Design

Colour contrast makes an impact: you can achieve a strong impression playing with light and dark colors. Angular shapes bring clarity and emphasise spatial limits. The combination of clear lines with round shapes adds a soft and delicate touch to the home. Materials that are opposites to the touch also enhance visual contrasts and liven up your design.

Contrasts on the Table

Villeroy & Boch’s current NewMoon collection plays on contrasts, leaving a curious impression with its asymmetrical crescent-shaped design on premium gloss glazed porcelain. When combined with Manufacture Rock matte black products, the texture differences become truly highlighted. NewMoon has a smooth surface, while the roughness of the Manufacture Rock surface provides the opposite sensation.

The combination of Manufacture Rock in black and Manufacture Rock in white is the ideal choice to achieve a charming visual contrast. The new square and rectangular plates and trays are another feast for the eyes. Manufacture Collier also offers matching vases and bowls in different sizes. The matte surface accentuates the black and white look, but also creates a bold contrast to the shiny NewMoon porcelain.

Bright Contrasts

Manufacture Rock Glow will set elegant highlights in your house. This new style of décor is a contrast in itself, the exterior surfaces and edges have a slate look, while the interior glows in a striking shade of copper. Mixed and matched with Manufacture Rock in black or white, the tableware becomes understated yet elegantly expressive. Complete the look with the uniquely shaped NewMoon cutlery set with a bright red metal shine, and you are ready to enjoy a gourmet dining experience.


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