Welcome to the April edition of essential which will also be re-distributed extensively during semana santa. With the Coast at its pre-summer busiest during Easter week, this issue will be seen by many visitors to the area as well as by our regular readers. Consequently, we have striven to compile an editorial content that caters for all tastes as you will discover in the coming pages.

Taking Earth Day (April 22) as our cue, we report on species extinction, finding out how severe it is and some of the efforts being made to help protect animals in need. We also visit the paradisiacal islands of the Maldives, in some danger of survival themselves, as rising sea levels caused by climate change threaten their future existence.

Don’t miss our feature on Top Attractions on the Coast – how many of them have you checked out? Talking about the spectacular, have you ever experienced the thrill of being aboard a Bugatti? Celebrating its 110th birthday this year, we bring you a retrospective of the famous marque, whose current-day models come with multimillion euro price tags.

Elsewhere this month, we deliver a feast of divine décor, funky fashion, premier personalities, and glam gourmet to help you savour life to the max.