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Margot Robbie’s latest film, I, Tonya, has garnered a string of nominations, including one for Best Actress at the Golden Globes. Australia’s hottest new actress is perhaps best known for her roles as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, Jane in Tarzan or the wife of The Wolf of Wall Street gangster, Jordan Belfort.

She is famed for her stunning looks and natural acting style, but many of her fans probably are not even aware that she produced the film I, Tonya, a movie about toxic masculinity and child abuse.

I, Tonya opens the doors to the childhood and adolescence of Harding, whom the media always had a field day with owing to her tough upbringing and poverty. She was specifically referred to in event commentaries as being “from the wrong neck of the woods” while Kerrigan was hailed as a sort of princess, despite the fact that, as Margot Robbie notes, “she apparently came from a blue-collar family herself.”

As Robbie told R29, “I think it was easier to present Tonya as the villain because she just wasn’t the image that the figure skating world wanted. I’ve watched every video of her skating like a thousand times over and the number of times they comment on the class of family she comes from… it’s about which box they decided to put each woman in.”

A Feminist View of the Harding-Kerrigan Scandal
Robbie notes that women are often pitted against each other in the media. Harding herself said that she and Kerrigan were never actually enemies. As part of the same Olympic team, they got along well.

Of course, many viewers fail to find anything sympathetic at all about Harding, despite the abuse she was subjected to as a child. “The real victim,” said Piers Morgan to Harding herself, “was Nancy Kerrigan.” For Robbie, from a feminist standpoint, both women were victims.

Margot Robbie’s production company, LuckyChap Entertainment, currently has 13 films in development, not bad for an actor whose first big break was The Wolf of Wall Street, released only four years ago…

Words Marisa Cutillas
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