After thriving for over 15 years in its previous location, the popular Alhamar Gym has converged into a visionary project in the heart of Sitio de Calahonda, where owner and director Max Claussen’s dream, the Oxygen Sports and Wellness Centre emerged earlier this year as a beacon of health and vitality, providing the Coast with a comprehensive haven for fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike.

Words Maddie Quinn, Photography Kevin Horn And Courtesy Of Oxygen

After thriving for over 15 years in its previous location, the popular Alhamar Gym has converged into a visionary project in the heart of Sitio de Calahonda, where owner and director Max Claussen’s dream, the Oxygen Sports and Wellness Centre emerged earlier this year as a beacon of health and vitality, providing the Coast with a comprehensive haven for fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike.

Words Maddie Quinn, Photography Kevin Horn And Courtesy Of Oxygen

For those like me living in Calahonda, Max’s vision brought a refreshing change to the local landscape. Standing tall, easily accessible from Avda. España, the new Oxygen is already embraced by a community of 5000 members coming from far and wide. It’s set in a beautiful complex, purpose built to provide the full journey, catering to individuals of all interests and fitness levels. From cutting-edge gym equipment to spacious workout areas in and outdoors, diverse classes, wellness facilities, and even a restaurant, the Oxygen Sports Centre is designed to inspire and motivate its members to achieve their health and fitness goals.

A Post Covid Vision To Train Outdoors

Navigating the aftermath of the COVID period, getting back to a sense of normalcy has been a tough challenge for wellness facilities. Recognising the growing demand for outdoor training options, Oxygen has positioned itself uniquely in this regard. In addition to their well-equipped air-conditioned training hall, and dedicated spaces for functional training, classes, Pilates and spinning, Oxygen stands out by providing an expansive outdoor area. This outdoor space caters to a range of activities, including weight training, CrossFit, and paddle tennis. Moreover, it serves as a serene setting for those seeking the tranquillity of rooftop sunset yoga — an example of Oxygen’s commitment to offer diverse and holistic fitness experiences.

Only The Best For The Best!

Spanning an impressive 4500 square meters, the Sports Centre stands out as one of the largest in the region. Its top-of-the-range equipment not only attracts local athletes but also draws sports enthusiasts from as far as Estepona and Fuengirola. Oxygen has earned the title of a recognised CrossFit Centre and serves as official representative for leading professional brands, including Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Gym80, and Fitness Nation. These partnerships ensure the facility is equipped with high quality premium fitness gear.

There are more than 600 square meters dedicated to CrossFit and its official methodology, and its utilisation is entirely covered by the membership fee. Oxygen provides between five to eight functional classes daily, catering to all levels of intensity and expertise, making it the most inclusive option in the Marbella area.

The Pilates studio is furnished with a range of proper Reformers featuring strings and pulleys designed to sculpt deep muscles, enhance strength, and potentially aid in injury recovery. Spinning enthusiasts can expect a large room of immersive experience, complete with full-wall projections and a captivating light show. And after the workout, you can unwind with a long moment in the sauna or steam room before making your way to the changing rooms.

Classes For Everyone

I explored Oxygen’s website to discover a detailed programme of classes, offering over a hundred options each week. In addition to the CrossFit, circuit, and other functional strength training sessions, I found a diverse range of offerings including the TBC Calorikiller, Gymnastics, ZUMBA dance, Pilates, Yoga, ABS (abdominals), and GAP (glutes, abs, and legs) classes. With two daily spinning sessions held in the morning and evening, fitting one into your busy work schedule is convenient and accessible. Oxygen’s dedicated dojo provides a space for martial arts training, offering classes in disciplines like Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Kids can also enjoy martial arts classes, or they can opt for dancing, so there truly is something for everyone.

Hit The Wellness & You Are In Heaven

After your hard work at Oxygen, a multitude of rewards awaits you through their extensive amenities. Beyond offering the sauna and steam rooms, the building is designed to host various third-party services including sumptuous massage rooms with Thai-trained therapists, a beauty and a hair salon run by the popular Salon RED, and soon there will be a tattoo parlour for permanent make-up or creative corporal designs. The co-working space is a popular choice for influencers and athletes looking to squeeze in some work between training sessions, and for those seeking a nutritional boost or a leisurely lunch, Heaven, the on-site restaurant, provides a selection of healthy food and drink options. So, at Oxygen, the experience extends beyond fitness, ensuring a holistic and rewarding visit.

The Customer Journey

When you decide to be part of the Oxygen experience, your journey starts at You can browse the full programme of the weekly classes to make sure the types and times of the workouts are suitable for your goals.

In the Membership section you will be offered different ways to enrol and will be guided through a simple signup process. Currently, memberships start for as little as €48 per month if you prepay yearly, with no registration fee usually required by other gyms. A monthly rolling subscription is €65 or you can get further discounts by paying three months in advance. It’s also possible to sign up for only four weeks (75€) which is convenient for those who spend a short time in Spain or are just enjoying their holidays. The full use of the sports club is covered in these fees including the CrossFit facilities, with the exception of the Paddle courts that you have to book separately.

The Oxygen Sportsclub App

To get started with Oxygen Sportsclub, simply download their application from the Google Play or App Store onto your mobile phone. Sign up or log in with your email to create a profile. Once in the app, you can seamlessly manage your entire Oxygen experience, and it will serve as your electronic card for accessing gym facilities through the reception gates. The app provides a display of memberships, purchase options like day passes, and merchandise available on Oxygen’s webshop. Additionally, you can explore and book classes, find a training partner, schedule personal training sessions, and input health data using their free body composition scale.

Personal Training

At Oxygen, every membership comes with a monthly personal training session, making it your initial point of reference. In this session, you’ll have the expertise of one of their 19 highly qualified and certified trainers. They will be available to discuss your specific needs and goals, offering guidance on a tailored programme to help you attain them. During the session, they’ll walk you through the facilities, demonstrate suggested exercises, and provide insights into the proper use of machinery, so you can have complete confidence that your efforts are leading you in the desired direction.

Nutritional Management And Food Prep

Oxygen adopts a unique approach to nutritional management, offering comprehensive coaching that includes a full-body scan, guidance on nutrition and calorie intake, and a fully personalised eating program designed to achieve your desired effects. With their on-site restaurant, Heaven, they go a step further by providing a food prep service. This means you can conveniently pick up freshly cooked and prepared, deliciously adequate food every two days, making adhering to the programme easier than ever!

Paddle Away!

As Paddle Tennis experiences a global surge in popularity, it has also become a favoured sport on the Coast. Oxygen features 6 Paddle Courts, including one on the rooftop that offers breathtaking views over the Calahonda valley. Being a Playtomic member allows for easy booking of Paddle Courts or even finding play partners, and should you need it, couching for adults and kids can be provided. For your convenience, racket rentals are available, and if required, you can purchase balls directly at Oxygen as well.

A Leap Into The Future

During my tour of Oxygen, Max described plans for expansive growth as the complex is part of a larger group of projects. The upcoming developments will include luxury touristic apartments, lush gardens, and swimming pools in the immediate vicinity. He mentioned the addition of a substantial underground parking garage with ample capacity, also available to members. The Oxygen Sports Centre will stand as more than just a fitness facility. Through state-of-the-art tech, expert guidance, and a community-driven atmosphere, the centre is reshaping the Coast’s landscape, inspiring individuals to embark on a journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.


Oxygen Sports Club & Wellness Centre
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