The beach club phenomenon, as a modern manifestation of glamour, has taken the world by storm. In Marbella the name Ocean Club has become synonymous with this very contemporary representation of style, comfort and sophistication. We asked its director about the formula for creating this modern mix.

Thierry Jacobs is not what you’d imagine the director of a large, popular beach club to be like. In your mind’s eye you conjure up the picture of a playboy bon vivant who leads the party by example, but working quietly from his office this director leads his team as any serious businessman would. In fact, the way he orchestrates the various different departments makes you think of a conductor keenly focused on the perfect running of every part, and attention to detail is an important part of the process.

“It’s what sets us apart,” says Thierry, who manages Ocean Club personally during most of the summer season. The statement comes in answer to my enquiry how you create the magic around a place like this. The first elements are obvious enough: a magnificent beachside setting overlooking a bay-like rounding of the coast on the west side of Puerto Banús. Add to this a sumptuous world of white and blue tones, while life revolves around a huge swimming pool where service, luxury and glamour are on tap, and you can easily understand why this is where people want to spend their summers in style.

“We are indeed blessed with a top location, private yet close enough to stroll into the marina,” says Thierry, “but the people that conceived of this beach club wanted to make it something truly special.” An outdoor oasis of luxury and service is what they had in mind, and it is around this concept that Ocean Club was founded. “It was great fun creating the visual style and designing the amenities and services we were to offer, but once these are in place you make your name by providing a first-class service and seamless operation not just once, but consistently every day of the season.”

Sophistication Born out of Detail
It all comes back to detail – the kind of drive for perfection that has made Ocean Club an internationally renowned name synonymous with the very concept of the modern beach club. “We have evolved and improved over the years, and naturally this is an ongoing process, but we believe we have reached a point of harmony in what we offer.” This satisfaction with the team he has built up doesn’t come easy, for the man who considered details such as the size of the beach beds, providing the mattresses with a heat-resistant cover and only sources the very best produce and brands is also very demanding of the people that work for him…

Words Michel Cruz Photos Kevin Horn

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Ocean Club Marbella, Avda. Lola Flores s/n, Nueva Andalucía, Marbella. Tel: +34 952 908 137.