Known for its elegant furniture and décor designs, AALTO Exclusive Design on the Golden Mile is specialised in creating sumptuos interior solutions for homes and commercial premises of all kinds.

Already established as a respected interior furnishing brand, AALTO has grown in the past year to become a one-stop shop for design solutions. Led by Ness Yammine and his partner Francisco Leiva, AALTO Exclusive Design benefits not just from a beautifully styled collection of luxury wooden furniture, but can offer the flexibility of having its own carpentry production facility in Málaga.

This, combined with its multi-brand interior design studio, its showroom on the Golden Mile in Marbella, and the presence of skilled interior stylists, enables the company to provide both its private and professional clientele with bespoke solutions to their décor requirements, leading to tailor made project designs, built to their own unique taste, budget and planning specifications.

“A motto we like to transmit to our interior design concepts is the idea of ‘living big’, meaning that life should be lived and enjoyed fully, and your home’s or even office’s décor should reflect and facilitate that idea,” says Jana Novakova, lead designer at AALTO Exclusive Design. “The homes we live in and spaces we spend a lot of time in should be practical, visually pleasing and fill us with a sense of well-being, and naturally this also extends itself to holiday homes, which execute an important role in helping busy people to relax and recharge their batteries. They too should be a source of joy and a place we want to keep coming back to.”

Home design should therefore be pleasing on an aesthetic and sensory level while fulfilling a practical functionality, and yes, also endowed with an exciting wow factor. “We always work from a basis of practicality and functionality, but our design inspiration comes from this concept of creating beautiful spaces that please and inspire their occupants,” says Jana. “The majority of our projects are luxury holiday homes and residences in prime locations, where we use our love of noble natural materials such as quality wood, stone and metals in combination with the soft furnishings that provide the sense of comfort and homely feeling.”

AALTO’s beautifully styled furniture pieces form a focal point in large, luxurious homes. The company’s interior design studio and manufacturing facility also have the ability to adapt individual pieces and entire décors to seamlessly fit into different sizes and configurations, therefore building the interior design concept around the shape and ambience of your home. AALTO’s style is mostly contemporary, but enriched with a bit of Gustavian inspiration – which is in itself a uniquely Swedish take on French classicism – and touches of mid-century and different eclectic décor traditions.

Interior Design Studio/Bespoke Production

AALTO is a multi-brand interior design studio that offers high-end, luxury brand furniture, accessories, lighting, flooring and curtains, alongside its own line of 70 pieces of luxury furniture distributed in Europe and Miami under the brand name AALTO Collection. “In our production units in Málaga we produce the AALTO Collection as well as custom made bespoke pieces, which include furnishing and upholstery that you cannot buy off the shelf anywhere else,” says majority partner and Managing Director, Ness Yammine. The level of flexibility offered by the brand makes it possible not only to create custom-fit furniture and decorative elements for your home, but also to customise built-in doors, special wall panelling, TV or chimney walls, and also ensure the kitchen matches the overall décor.

A Unique Design

“As AALTO is both a furniture brand that designs and manufactures its own collections, and an interior design studio that works with its clients to create bespoke décor solutions, we can offer the best of both worlds within any combination of the two,” says Jana. Working with our own furniture pieces and multi-brand design elements, our design teams can create a great variety of styles, from modern and minimalist to eclectic, Nordic, mid-century and shabby chic. Since we have projects across Europe, parts of the Middle East and the USA, we are exposed to many different design and architectural styles, as well as factors such as location, views and sunlight, and this makes our work very diverse and exciting.”

Within the Marbella showroom you will find primarily furniture and upholstery in light neutral colours adapted to our local setting. The styles are primarily contemporary, while the lighting adds ambience and the decorative pieces are selected to provide impact with tasteful but eye-catching tones and designs. “At AALTO we really offer an optimal coming together of design skill and craftsmanship, with each project controlled by a lead designer who ensures the desired textures, tones and finishes are perfectly coordinated from the drawing board to the factory and ultimately, the fitting in your home,” says Ness. “It ensures almost complete freedom of creative and practical design, and also allows us to offer European manufacturing quality at competitive prices. For our clients, this is the perfect blend of ingredients.”

Private and Professional Design Solutions

While many of its clients are the owners of private homes and holiday properties, AALTO Exclusive Design also works on commercial projects for the professional sector, creating bespoke interior styling solutions for commercial premises such as beauty salons, barber shops and a variety of boutique projects, as well as styling show homes for developers such as Aedas (Vanian Valley), Terra Realty (Byu Hills), Prime Invest (The Cape) and Mena Capital (Marbella Club Hills). The brand also produces furnishing packages for homeowners and in particular investors wishing to rent out their holiday properties, and caters to a wide range of budgets.

“Our field, like so many, is a very competitive one, and I have always believed that ultimately it is competence and hard team work that sets you apart, regardless of the industry you are in,” says Ness, who has recently taken a controlling share in the business, and together with his valued partner, Francisco, in the production facility in Málaga, is working hard to keep advancing the quality, design creativity, flexibility and price competitiveness of their offering.

“These are our strong points and we want to consolidate them even further. To aid us do so on an international level, we have recently availed ourselves of the support of several renowned international consultants, who will be adding their creativity to our manufacturing skills and helping us to present a new 2020 collection at the MOM Salon in Paris next January, as well as assisting us to source and streamline our suppliers to keep improving on the services we offer to our residential and commercial clients.”


Aalto Exclusive Design Avda. Bulevar Príncipe Alfonso de Hohenlohe, Urb. Carolina Park Local L, Marbella. Tel: (+34) 951 919 092.