Now one of the leading homebuilders in Spain, AEDAS Homes belongs to a new generation of developers that are helping to raise the standards of design, construction and innovation in the industry.

There was a time when property development on the Costa del Sol was largely the domain of relatively small builders and investors. But no longer, for in the wake of the global financial crisis, the investor-developer financed in part by banks has been replaced by more efficient and corporate entities.

AEDAS Homes is the latter – a mature company which is a serious player with diversified real estate projects across Spain and a stock flotation on the Madrid exchange. “We belong to a new generation of highly professional companies that approach property development as a serious, on-going business, not a short-term opportunity,” says José Ignacio Fernández, head of operations on the Costa del Sol for the company that says it is in the home-making business, not merely construction.

AEDAS Homes is a firm which is active throughout Spain, but naturally the Costa del Sol is an important segment in its own right. “The beauty of a company like ours is that we have the professional resources and level of expertise to create a wide range of residential property types that are divided into different price segments and locations, which means we design both primary residences and luxury second homes.”

A National Company On The Costa Del Sol

As regional director for this area, José Ignacio is responsible for ten projects currently underway in an area between Sotogrande on the one extreme, and east of Málaga on the other. “Marbella and Málaga are two of the gems in this area, and we pay special attention to create properties here that embody their unique setting and lifestyle.” While immersing itself in the local architecture, way of life and natural surroundings, AEDAS Homes builds upon central principles.

“Some of the values behind the company may sound old-fashioned, like integrity and a high degree of ethics, but others, like a drive for transparency, innovation and efficiency, have a more modern ring to them. In this as in everything, we strive to find a harmonious balance between traditional elements and new ones.” It is a philosophy that he is in charge of maintaining and embodying through such projects as Soul Marbella.

Soul Marbella

Soul Marbella is a new landmark project in Santa Clara to the east of Marbella, where AEDAS Homes will create a lifestyle-orientated community of luxuriously appointed single-family villas and modern apartments on a substantial tract of land. “Working with a large area means we have the ability to create not just a single complex here, but actually design a master plan and shape the amenities, landscaping and homes accordingly.”

This will be done in several stages, with each adhering to seven key points: creating designer homes, sustainability, innovation, customer orientation, an agile and flexible organisation, a commitment to finding the best locations and decentralisation. In all, 200 properties will be built here to form a true community, representing an investment of €150 million. “Soul Marbella is designed by González & Jacobsen. It represents our signature project on the Costa del Sol, endowed with a beautiful location that is peaceful and exclusive, yet close to access roads and beaches.”

AEDAS Homes wants Soul Marbella to represent a watershed in how property development is taken to the next level, and thanks to the company’s exhaustive and on-going market research, they have the wherewithal to accurately respond to buyers’ needs.

Earlier Successes

However, the company doesn’t have it all to prove as it can build upon the success of recent projects such as South Bay Las Mesas and Vanian Gardens. Here, in Estepona, AEDAS Homes has created the first stages of another landmark project with the homebuilder’s signature stamp on it, producing homes that combine the best elements of modern design and technology with location, views and quality both of product and service. “Every business is a service company these days, and in our case, we’re not just building bricks and mortar, but creating the environment in which people can realise their lifestyle goals.”

Part of the success behind such projects is the fact that the decentralised way of working allows José Ignacio and his team to operate with local professionals and harness their regional expertise. “This means AEDAS Homes doesn’t have the ‘one size fits all’ approach typical of larger corporations and some international property funds, but creates bespoke, diversified projects that use local inspiration to produce a unique ambience and appeal.” Right now, they form part of a growing Costa del Sol portfolio in Marbella, Estepona, Málaga, Fuengirola and Rincón de la Victoria.

“At South Bay Las Mesas in Estepona we have again succeeded in finding a superb location with fantastic sea and country views that is private yet also close to all amenities,” says José Ignacio. The first of three phases, 47 apartments in all, is being delivered to buyers right now, and echoes the AEDAS Homes drive to create something unique adapted to each setting. “Different markets have different characteristics and requirements, and we believe it is our remit to tailor to this with the devotion and enthusiasm this deserves.”

La Zagaleta Luxury

In addition to larger-scale projects, AEDAS Homes also applies its flexible approach to the creation of beautifully styled one-off villas in prime locations such as La Zagaleta, one of the most exclusive residential country clubs in Europe. Ibiza Breeze House and Villa Capriccio are fine examples of this, designed, built, landscaped, decorated and ready to move into – the very essence of a modern villa in the sun and easily on a par with the best you will find anywhere in the world. “This applies to the design, materials and technology used, the construction quality, dressing and finishing,” says José Ignacio, for whom creating homes of this standard in such a beautiful location is a creative privilege.


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