In an area dominated so strongly by tourism and real estate, AnyTech365 is a shining light of technological expertise and economic diversification. What’s more, it’s Spain’s fastest-growing technology company, and most people on the Costa del Sol don’t even know it exists.

We’re so focused on tourism and property development on the Costa del Sol that we sometimes forget anything else exists, yet as this region and its resort towns evolve, they will have to begin to create a broader economic base that generates growth, prosperity, and job opportunities, especially for younger people. While we ponder this question, there are already companies out there doing just that.

An International Tech Service Company On The Costa Del Sol

AnyTech365 is an IoT technical support services company that wasn’t only founded here but has gone on to capture an international market. It services clients across Western Europe, North America and Australia, relying very little on its home market but creating hundreds of jobs here. The company was founded by Danish-born Janus R. Nielsen, a tech industry expert who settled on the Costa del Sol after selling his successful anti-virus business almost twenty years ago.

“I was feeling a little burnt out after so many years of intense work and moved to enjoy the weather and lifestyle of Marbella, but after a relatively short while I became restless and set up an anti-virus smartphone protection business,” says Janus. “It evolved into the fastest-growing firm of its kind in the world, and I began to realise that as more and more of the everyday devices that surround us are becoming smart and being connected to the internet, there is a real need for technical support that stretches beyond the basic manufacturer’s guarantee to also encompass an operational and maintenance service for consumers.”

Technical Consumer Service

Indeed, every year over three billion devices are connected to the internet around the world, and with everything from phones and televisions to fridges and entire homes or even cars becoming smart in this way, the need for fast and effective consumer support is growing each day. “In the electrical era you simply plugged in an appliance and it worked, in the electronic era it was installed and voila, but today’s equipment needs to be configured and connected to the Internet and your other devices, so it can be optimally used and controlled. This is complicated for a lot of people, and when something goes wrong, they need someone to help them sort it out.”

Not everyone is sufficiently tech-savvy to do this all for themselves, so AnyTech365 offers direct access to technicians who will install, upgrade your devices, and also analyse and fix any problems for you. What’s more, it is done remotely, so there’s no need to make appointments and be at home while someone comes to fix your gadgets. This is especially convenient for people who own properties here but live elsewhere, and AnyTech365 commits itself to a full 24-hour, seven days a week, year-round service in currently 16 languages. “This is how we can provide customer support to so many different countries and time zones,” says Janus. “We’re even open throughout Christmas and New Year’s Eve, because technical questions and problems can arise at any time.”

A Runaway Success

As a result, the company employs multinational staff at its centres in Marbella and Torremolinos who can attend to people in their native tongue, be it English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch or the Scandinavian languages. The firm reported as being the fastest-growing tech business in Spain also has further plans for expansion, including a new office in Fuengirola and a recently opened centre in Casablanca’s tech centre, where AnyTech365 employs a team of 40 people in Morocco’s number one technology zone.

The demand is clearly there, with AnyTech365 providing a free one-hour health-check to thousands of callers every day, and having over 70,000 subscribers to its service packages, which beside year-round tech support include remote installation, updating and virus protection for their customers computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices. “In a fast-growing and increasingly regulated technical support sector, we pride ourselves on offering the best customer service and technical expertise, as well as being fully compliant and certified. We hire talented people with experience and proven credentials, recruit from universities and technical colleges, and have our own learning centre, which provides training and upgrade courses.”

AnyTech365 recently became the first company in its field in the world to receive full technical certification by AppEsteem, a regulator for the IT support and App sector, and has now also acquired Panorama 9, an advanced AI specialist firm in Silicon Valley, California. “There we’re developing the next generation of anti-virus systems that enable us to be proactive in protecting your devices rather than reactive,” says Janus.

“Named AnyTech365 IntelliGuard, it will soon be offered as part of our service to provide on-going analytics, detecting problems before they become serious, reporting and then fixing them.” AnyTech365’s service is already so efficient and effective that the company has signed an agreement to provide technical support for customers of Mediamarkt in Sweden and Spain, where it has 110 stores.

Connecting With Local Roots

“Over the past few years the business has grown and evolved so much that we’ve been fully engaged with this, but amid the international expansion we’re also keen to focus on our home area and expand local collaborations,” says Janus. This year, AnyTech365 is the sponsor of the 2020 ATP Marbella Open Tennis Championship being held at the Puente Romano Tennis Club from 30th March to 5th April.

Gradually, the company will gain recognition as one of the pioneers of technological development and economic growth in our region, offering career opportunities to a diverse and highly motivated team within the vital tech sector that is set to play an ever-growing role not just in Silicon Valley, but on our own doorstep.


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