The New Pinnacle Of Electric Hyper Gt Luxury. For the potentially unacquainted, pictured here is the world’s first pure-electric GT hyper car, born from the artisans at Automobili Pininfarina.

Words Sam Hexter, Photography Courtesy Of Automobili Pininfarina

The New Pinnacle Of Electric Hyper Gt Luxury. For the potentially unacquainted, pictured here is the world’s first pure-electric GT hyper car, born from the artisans at Automobili Pininfarina.

Words Sam Hexter, Photography Courtesy Of Automobili Pininfarina

Founded in 2018, Automobili Pininfarina is the automotive arm of the renowned Italian design firm, Pininfarina. Established to create luxury, high-performance vehicles, the company roots back to Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, founder of Carrozzeria Pinin Farina in 1930 – known for designing iconic vehicles, including the Ferrari 250GT Berlinetta, Dino 246, F40 and Enzo to name just a few. To say Pininfarina has a storied history in automotive aesthetics would be an understatement. And the Battista certainly continues that legacy.

Limited to a mere 150 examples, this exclusive model redefines hand-finished personalisation, setting a new standard for those seeking sustainable and unrivalled performance.

Unparalleled Design Heritage

At the heart of the Battista lies Pininfarina’s legacy of creating the world’s most beautiful motorcars. This electric hyper GT stands as a modern interpretation of sophisticated Italian design, combined with other-worldly performance. The carbon body, sculpted with two long defining lines, pays homage to Pininfarina’s elegant past while embracing the latest EV technologies. The PURA design philosophy, a testament to timeless design for a new era of electric mobility, ensures the Battista is a visual masterpiece.

Inspired by the racing legacy of Nino Farina, the Edizione Nino Farina, seen here, pays homage to the fearless spirit of the motorsport legend. Limited to just five units, this special edition features many distinctive design cues, inside and out, creating a unique and collectible hyper GT.

Raise the sleek carbon doors to the heavens and step inside the Battista’s cabin, where emotive design meets advanced technology and the finest finishes. The driver-centric layout boasts three screens, ensuring easy access to crucial information – like the speedometer – but more on that later. The tailoring service is said to offer an astounding 128 million interior combinations, allowing clients to collaborate with the design team in crafting their dream specification. From GT to Pilota seating options, sustainable leather, Alcantara upholstery, and exquisite detailing, the interior ensures a luxurious and personalised driving experience.

For those desiring even greater exclusivity, the Battista Anniversario takes luxury to the next level. Adorned with the Furiosa Carbon Accent Pack and a bespoke heritage-inspired livery, limited to just five units, the Anniversario guarantees ultra-exclusivity. With aerodynamic enhancements, a unique wheel design, and interior detailing, this edition promises a driving experience that surpasses all expectations. But rest assured, even without the ‘special editions’, the vast plethora of bespoke options on offer to each lucky custodian guarantees that no two examples will be the same.

State-Of-The-Art Performance

The Battista’s all-electric powertrain features a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery housed in a lightweight carbon-fibre structure. Four independent high-performance electric motors, full torque vectoring, and a T-shaped liquid-cooled battery pack provide unparalleled performance. Boasting 1,900 horsepower, 2,340 Nm of torque, and a top speed of 350 km/h, the Battista achieves Formula 1 car-beating acceleration, making it the most powerful road-legal Italian sports car ever built. The Battista will launch from 0-100km/h in a hair-raising 1.8 seconds, with 300km/h arriving on the dashboard in under 12 seconds – making this hyper GT quicker in a straight-line scramble than a Bugatti Chiron Sport – a seriously impressive feat.

Driving dynamics can be tailored to taste across five distinctive driving modes – Calma, Pura, Energica, Furiosa, and Carattere – allowing drivers to take full control of their Battista experience from behind the wheel. The torque vectoring technology ensures infinitely variable dynamics, providing the ultimate driving engagement. The extensive testing programme, guided by former F1 and Formula E driver, Nick Heidfeld, ensures the Battista’s road-going performance lives up to its hyper GT credentials.

With its crosshairs firmly on the Grand Tourer market, range of this electrified mile-eating monster is an important statistic to consider too. Pininfarina claims an emission-less range of up to 476 km, though that will depend on how often you plan on testing that 0-100km/h blast before you reach your destination.

Automobili Pininfarina x Bovet 1822

In a celebration of heritage and craftsmanship, Automobili Pininfarina collaborated with watchmaker BOVET 1822, resulting in the exquisite Battista Tourbillon. The timepiece, created alongside the hyper GT and in celebration of the marque’s 90th anniversary, are crafted to the client’s specifications, showcasing unrivalled exclusivity and attention to detail. A neat extra when spending a cool €2.2 million.

The Automobili Pininfarina Battista is more than another opulent EV. It’s a testament to the marriage of design, performance, and sustainability. With its limited production, unrivalled personalisation options, and state-of-the-art technology, the Battista stands as a symbol of automotive excellence, paving the way for the future of sustainable performance. Don’t be surprised to see rivalling all-electric offerings from the other titan Italian automakers in the near future.

ENGINE Powertrain 1,900 hp, 2,340 Nm torque.
ACCELERATION 0-100km/h 1.86 seconds.
TOP SPEED Over 350 km/h.
MARKET ALTERNATIVES Rimac C_Two, Lotus Evija, Porsche Taycan Turbo S or a non-EV alternative in the McLaren Speedtail, featuring a hybrid powertrain.
PRICE AND AVAILABILITY Price From €2.2 million plus local tax. Limited to just 150 examples.