Not only the 'turrón' or the roscón de Reyes, beer can also be a Christmas product with a great story behind it. Beer apparently has been a part of Christmas celebrations from Viking times to the present day and many reputable companies release particular designs and products for this special date. Among others, the Sub by Heineken®, Amstel Oro, Cruzcampo Special Christmas edition and the Cervezas El Águila are some great tasting examples with a curious history.


Christmas beer is more than just a seasonal product that has grown into a tradition in Spain, along with the ‘turrón’ and the roscón de Reyes. Behind it, there are thousands of years of history starting with the epic Viking times. The Yule was a pagan festival which celebrated the winter solstice falling on the same dates as our Christmas. Families gathered to say goodbye to the long dark nights, preparing a feast and offerings to the pagan gods. A specially brewed barrel of beer, the ‘Jólaöl’ was the choice of drink to cheer and toast with as gratitude for the passing year and to welcome in the new one.

History has it that this tradition was even changed into a custom when Haakon I, King of Norway decreed that during Christmas everyone had to brew beer at home or face the consequences of various penalties, including losing their properties.

In the Middle Ages, during Christmas, beer became a distinctive symbol for toasting in monasteries throughout Europe. The Prima Melior, the best beer that was extracted from the barrel, was distributed among the Abbot and the most select guests. The brothers and pilgrims received the second drawing.

Over the years, beer continues to play a part in our Christmas celebrations, a cheerful drink consumed over the dinner table, a companion of tale-tellings, human connections and re-connections after time spent apart.

Many brands roll out limited editions with labels designed for this special moment, some unique designs that even become collector’s items for some. So if you decide to pay beer a special attention this year we propose these varieties:


Cruzcampo Christmas Limited Edition, Made with the Andalusian Sun

Every year, the beginning of Christmas for Cruzcampo is marked by the arrival of its Christmas Limited Edition. The master brewers of Jaén have been in charge of making this beer since 1982, which as much as becoming a classic, is also an example of innovation and creativity. For the first time, Cruzcampo Christmas Limited Edition is made with renewable electrical energy, from the Andalusian sun! Combining innovation and tradition, three types of malt and three types of hops result in a full-bodied beer. They used Motueka hops from New Zealand and Chinook from the United States for this recipe, which brewed with Cruzcampo’s own yeast create a hoppy lager style beer, a traditional lager, but with a more aromatic flavour.

Pairs with:
Cruzcampo Limited Edition Christmas is an intense beer that is easy to drink. Perfect to accompany snacks such as hummus with raw vegetables, while you catch up with the family before lunch or dinner.

Amstel Oro

Amstel Oro, the Taste of Doing Things Right

This Christmas Amstel Oro comes in a very special pack with a glass, the perfect gift for most bear lovers. This Amstel variety is 100% malt, with a 6.2% alcohol content. A careful blend of malts roasted at different levels, gives it a dark golden colour, and a distinctive roasted malt aroma. The result is a beer with body, creamy foam, intense flavour and just the right point of bitterness. It’s a Lager-type and dark Lager-style beer, medium bodied with a hint of caramel flavour.

Curiously, Michelin Star chef Ricard Camarena has even created a recipe this year that he proposes you try with this triple-roast Amstel Oro. The design of this surprising recipe is based on the association of pairings of foods with contrasting tastes, that can be combined from anchovy, artichoke, truffle and almond.

“Our goal was to pay tribute to a typically Valencian product, the turrón, a true icon of the Spanish Christmas holidays. So throughout the preparation I have been incorporating its ingredients, the honey and the almonds,” points out the chef.

Amstel Oro also comes in a 0% variety, for those who prefer a non-alcoholic option while retaining its full character of the roasted malt flavour surprisingly well.

Pairs with:
Best with red meat and grilled sausages. When accompanying baked blue fish, its caramel flavour intensifies.

El Aguila

The Unfiltered Eagle, an Award-winning Flavor

This year Cervezas El Águila offers to make the Christmas celebrations special with an unfiltered toast. Its special pack includes a glass and the most iconic variety of El Águila beer inspired by traditional methods of brewing from the beginning of the 20th century, when beers were not filtered and all the essence was maintained.

In order to enjoy all the characteristics of this beer, it is necessary to turn the bottle before serving it, do not shake it, just turn. This ritual gives the beer a cloudy appearance, as if it had just come out of the tank. The yeast in suspension adds freshness and makes it supremely easy to drink. This variety of the brand has been recognised by industry awards, making the The Unfiltered Eagle the only Spanish beer that has ever won the International Grand Gold Quality Award.

It pairs with:
Blue fish, smoked fish and shellfish, undoubtedly very common dishes in Spanish Christmas celebrations.

Heineken The Sub

Freshly Drawn Rods with Heineken® The Sub

Do you fancy a green? But we all like a well-drawn beer… When it comes to lager, cold temperature is essential and now you can boast about having freshly drawn and cold draft beer in your home! With the Sub Heineken® Edition, thanks to its unique cooling technology, the innovative pressurisation system allows you to enjoy your beer at two degrees right out of the barrel without having to put it in the fridge. Handy when having guests around, with The Sub you will be able to serve the coldest beer from the first to the last glass and with a professional quality foam. It is supplied with 2l refills (Torp), a sure hit!

It pairs with:
Everything a good lager pairs with 🙂

Beers provide different alternatives for many occasions and offers togetherness to share special moments. But if you choose to follow the beer tradition this Christmas, don’t forget to drink responsibly. Cheers!